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Visiting Seattle Before Going Aboard My First Princess Cruise

Brittany and I had traveled to a lot of places, but we were getting ready for our most exciting adventure ever. We were heading on a cruise to Alaska. This was to be Brittany’s first cruise and my first trip to the 49 th state – which actually was the 50 th state I would be visiting, therefore completing the United States. It was the most planned trip I ever took. I put a lot of time into every detail. The fact that I was traveling in a mobility scooter made it a little more challenging, but everyone I spoke to in advance was very helpful. The cruise we had chosen was roundtrip from Seattle, Washington. I had been to Seattle three times before and it was a city I really loved. I didn’t want to just have it be a jumping point to get on the ship, especially since Brittany had never been there. I worked with the Visit Seattle team to plan out a trip that would have us see a lot, without a lot of transportation, both before and after the cruise. I usually fly out of Champaign,

Lots to Update!

It’s been a crazy year trying to organize my work life and my health. I got tired (as I’m sure my readers have) of apologizing for not getting things done. It was time to streamline and not attempt to do more than I physically can, only to apologize when I don’t get it done! I’ve been doing this blog for 14 years. I haven’t continued the way I’d like to and it’s not because I don’t consider it a priority. I’m only able to work part time now and I need to make sure I earn money during those hours. I no longer want this blog to suffer so I’ve given up my time in the others, the most notable of which is Spiritstraveler . That column was all about products I discovered. The problem was that it took a lot of time and earned very little money. I will still be doing some product reports, but it will only be on things I’m really interested in and you’ll see them floated here, on my Pinterest , and in my social media (@Spiritstraveler on everything). I will not be updating the Spirit

Welcome To Travel in 2022

​ Happy New Year! The last few years have been different for everyone around the world. This is especially true for those in the travel industry. I’ve stayed pretty close to home.     I do not travel as much as I used to anyway.  I’m now looking for more accessible locations and needed to be cautious since I have autoimmune issues.    I’ve been using the time at home to train Teddy, so there will be a lot of pet friendly trips in the future! I’ll be catching up on previous travel soon. With everything I’ve learned since getting my first dog since I was a child, I decided to write a book.  12 Things You Must Know About Raising A Puppy  will be out this spring. It’s filled with tips, stories, and hope. I’ll be posting when it’s out.   As for 2022 travel, I have some fun stuff coming up, including a very unusual cruise.    If you’d like to know more about my health issues, read through my  Medium   page (there are some interesting travel stories there too).   Best, Marcia