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Introducing a Partnership with Rouxbe

Free Trial to Learn to Cook with the Pros It’s a strange time. We’ve all been stuck home more than ever. Most travel has been put on hold. Even eating out has slowed down, in some cases to a dead halt. What that means is that we are also cooking more. That’s why I was excited when I was approached by Rouxbe to try their online cooking instructions. Rouxbe   is the top online culinary school in the world. It’s been around for 15 years as a training tool to chefs (over 600,000 in 180 countries) and restaurant staff, as well as an outlet for those who want to hone their home skills. The other thing I like about Rouxbe is the fact that they try to focus on cooking a little healthier. Don’t worry, the recipes aren’t all filled with kale and cauliflower, they just incorporate ingredients that are a little more nutritious. (There are many plant-based dishes if you are vegan or vegetarian.) You’ll find a focus on safety at this online school too as you browse