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Last Day at the Ranch

All good things have to come to an end and I have to say my trip to The Lodge and Spa at Three Forks Ranch was all good. I had brought my friend Lynn along and we took full advantage of the unlimited spa, food, drinks and activities this place offers guests. After we had an early breakfast, Jenn Brenneman, the lodge manager, met us to take us on a full tour of the lodge. We started with a little history about how David Pratt purchased this land in 1999, combining six ranches because he wanted a big cattle ranch. He also acquired 25 miles of Little Snake River and undertook the largest river restoration in the United States. The area – partly in Colorado and the rest in Wyoming – offered some of the best trout fishing in the world and he started a fishing lodge here. Soon he needed more room and the lodge we were staying in was built, complete with 15 guest rooms for a total of 35,000 square feet. Every detail had been carefully constructed, from the wood coming from Lond

Endless Spa and Snowcat Views at Three Forks Ranch

I love my job. I get to travel around the world and see great places and eat (and drink) great things. But, it is still a job and most of the time I have interviews, meetings, early mornings and late nights. Ask anyone who has come with me. My trip to Three Forks Lodge and Spa on the Colorado/Wyoming border broke all those rules. It was feeling like a vacation (a word I rarely use since traveling for a living). Both myself and my friend Lynn felt like we were being spoiled rotten, but that’s what they are trained to do at Three Forks. And they did it quite well on our final full day on the ranch. I didn't quite work, or get on the phone (there is no cell phone service in the lodge), but I did check some emails as I had my morning coffee and looked out at the snow drifts. Then I turned on the heated floors in my bathroom and loaded up the Jacuzzi. Can there be a better way to start the day? I met Lynn in the breakfast dining room a few hours later and couldn’t resis

Luxuriating through Snow and Spa at Three Forks Ranch

I knew before I even arrived with my friend Lynn that my stay at Three Forks Ranch Lodge and Spa was going to be much more relaxing than any trip I had taken in a while. That thought was intensified when I woke up to the view of the snow-capped mountains and knew that I didn’t have phone service or anything that had to be done. It was simply a day for fun and relaxation. The range is located on 200,000 acres straddling Wyoming and Colorado and just couldn't be a better place for mind and body rest. It started early with some yoga at sunset followed by a knock on my door with the early morning coffee and pastries I had requested. I took a leisurely bath in my Jacuzzi and met Lynn two hours later for an egg white omelet full of spinach and tomatoes.  Jennifer Brenneman, the lodge manager, came to check on us during breakfast and confirm our plans for the day. They were simply a sleigh ride through the property and then another visit to the spa (with lunch in between)

Three Forks Welcome

I obviously travel a lot to wonderful places, but my trip to Three Forks Ranch was probably one of my most anticipated. I have very few trips that aren’t scheduled for me and the idea that I could do what I want during four days for myself and my friend Lynn was an exciting one. It became even more exciting when we actually saw this incredible place. Lynn was coming from New York and I from Illinois so we took our first flights together and met at Atlanta airport. It had been awhile since our Celebrity Cruise adventure and we knew that this one would be at least as fun. The scene was beautiful as we landed at Steamboat Springs, Colorado, airport. There was just a slight chill in the air when we walked off the plane, but it felt exhilarating. Lodge Manager Jennifer Brenneman was waiting for us to drive the hour to the Three Forks Ranch. It was an incredibly scenic ride, filled with hills, mountains and increasing snow. She told us a bit about the property, owned by David