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Exploring Highlights of Israel

I had been in Israel for just about a week. There was a lot to see, but we had been given a pretty set schedule. Fortunately, my fellow writers and I were able to convince our tour guide to go off the plan a bit and it turned out to be our best day of exploring. I woke up at the Dan Accadia Hotel in Herzeliya to another sunny day. The scenery here was beautiful and even though I didn’t have time to fully enjoy it, I did walk around the property a bit, taking in the views of the pool and beach. After another delicious Israeli breakfast, we headed onto the bus and toward the desert. We were off to the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea . Despite the fact that it is extremely hot, and the drop below sea level had our ears popping, the distance of the sun kept the rays from burning as much as you’d expect. The drive took us through Jericho, though we only made one stop, for a pose with a camel that was much more likely to be a tourist attraction than a wor