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Finishing Memphis at Big Cypress Lodge

It was our final day in Memphis , but we decided to leave in the evening so we’d have a full day to enjoy it. Angela, Kylie, Brittany, and I woke up around 8:00.  We were staying in Big Cypress Lodge , within the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid, and could hear the rustling of those getting the store ready below us. We dressed and went downstairs for breakfast at Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl.   This nautical-themed restaurant has a saltwater aquarium as well as a 13-land bowling alley that gives the feeling of actually bowling underwater. There wasn’t enough free time on our schedule for bowling, but we did enjoy the egg sandwiches and pancakes before our tour. It’s hard to even begin to explain everything within this massive 535,000 square foot pyramid that houses Bass Pro Shops and Big Cypress Lodge, which itself has 103 rooms and suites. We began the tour walking through the common areas of the lodge and saw one of the suites (the rest were all full). 

Music and Civil Rights in Memphis

My trip to Memphis with my friends was a very full one, and we were enjoying it all. On day three, we were up bright and early to pack up and check out of the Madison Hotel . We had enjoyed our stay, but we’d be checking into Big Cypress Lodge in the afternoon for a completely different atmosphere. My breakfast stop with Brittany, Angela, and Kylie had a very familiar name, Frost Bake Shop . Ironically, it was not a relative and not anyone’s name (it’s owned by the Kloos family), it was a play on words for “frosting.” Although the bakery was a bit out of the city, I had received a tip that it was well worth the trip and it certainly was. Frost Bake Shop provides cheesecakes to William Sonoma and also makes cupcakes, pies, and other baked goods that are loved all over Memphis . We were able to sample all types of goodies, including their top sellers – Gooey Butter Cookies and the Memphis Cream Cupcake. I didn’t leave without also tasting the delicious