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Fun Day in the Sun at Knights Action Park

As the weather warms, it’s always a great time for an outdoor day trip. I had never been to Knights Action Park in nearby Springfield, Illinois , before and I was anxious to check it out. For a small amusement park, Knights Action packs a lot in. They have a waterpark, amusement rides, miniature golf and a golf range, and a racing track. I had a teen and a pre-teen with me who were anxious to hit the long slides, while I am always happy to grab a tube an relax in a lazy river. I enjoyed that for a while and ten hit the wave pool, where I met up with Brittany, Jacob, and  Kyler. We walked around for a while and saw the Seal Bay area for younger kids, as well as the river, where they have paddle boats. Unfortunately, the paddle boats weren’t available the day we where there. It’s something I’d definitely enjoy next time I’m back. There is a snack bar inside at  Knights Action Park , but the consensus was to go outside and take a short drive to Ch

Fun Day Trip to St. Louis

I always enjoy my trips to St. Louis. There is always so much to do there. I try to stay over, but sometimes a day trip is better than not going at all. I headed west with my friend Brittany and her brother, Jacob. We picked up Amanda on the way and we were ready to have some fun. The first stop was City Museum . I was a City Museum once before and was extremely impressed. It’s nearly impossible to see everything on one trip, plus they do change some of the exhibits, so I was more than ready to go back. You know at the beginning your in someplace different because the ticket counter was actually a teller’s box from the St. Louis Title Company. I think the Caves at City Museum is my favorite spot. The formations inside are fascinating. You just have to keep track of where you are – and watch your step. I wouldn’t let any small children wonder in there by themselves. The artwork is also fascinating. A lot of it is just pieces of what was

Lincoln Park Zoo and Patio at Café Brauer

I’ve never been to the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago . I confess I’m always the one that goes far away before near to see things.  I lived in New York over 40 years and I never went to the Statue of Liberty (I did take the Circle Line boat ride around it a few times). Two things brought me to finally plan a trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo: the opening of the Patio at Café Brauer for the season, and a toddler who I knew would be mesmerized by her first experience with the animals. The drive to Chicago with a toddler was definitely different.  It had been a while since I had a little one on a long car drive and it was her first long car ride, but Brittany and Jessie, Andrea’s mom, helped keep her occupied from the front seat while I entertained her with phone videos.  We also put a few extra stops into the ride that was usually two hours straight. When we arrived at the zoo, I think I was the most excited. I love zoos and couldn’t believe I hadn’t been to t

Learning More About Eaglewood Resort & Spa

My friend, Joan, and I were enjoying a quick girls’ getaway to the Eaglewood Resort and Spa in Itasca , just outside of Chicago, Illinois We had breakfast in the Burnham restaurant, where there are buffets for breakfast and lunch. This buffet had a lot of healthy options. I was especially impressed with all of the fruit for yogurt and oatmeal.  They also had an omelet station where you could fill your eggs with just about anything you wanted, and plenty of warm baked goods. I had a delicious veggie filled omelet, some yogurt covered in homemade granola, a freshly made Danish, and some fruit. Joan also took an assortment from the buffet. After we ate, we took a tour of the rest of the property we hadn’t seen before we left. I loved the design of the lobby but hadn’t realized it was Frank Lloyd Wright inspired. The business center at Eaglewood Resort includes a convenient up-to-the-minute list of flights departing at nearby O’Hare Airport.   The