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Lots to Update!

It’s been a crazy year trying to organize my work life and my health. I got tired (as I’m sure my readers have) of apologizing for not getting things done. It was time to streamline and not attempt to do more than I physically can, only to apologize when I don’t get it done! I’ve been doing this blog for 14 years. I haven’t continued the way I’d like to and it’s not because I don’t consider it a priority. I’m only able to work part time now and I need to make sure I earn money during those hours. I no longer want this blog to suffer so I’ve given up my time in the others, the most notable of which is Spiritstraveler . That column was all about products I discovered. The problem was that it took a lot of time and earned very little money. I will still be doing some product reports, but it will only be on things I’m really interested in and you’ll see them floated here, on my Pinterest , and in my social media (@Spiritstraveler on everything). I will not be updating the Spirit