Lots to Update!

It’s been a crazy year trying to organize my work life and my health. I got tired (as I’m sure my readers have) of apologizing for not getting things done. It was time to streamline and not attempt to do more than I physically can, only to apologize when I don’t get it done!

I’ve been doing this blog for 14 years. I haven’t continued the way I’d like to and it’s not because I don’t consider it a priority. I’m only able to work part time now and I need to make sure I earn money during those hours.

I no longer want this blog to suffer so I’ve given up my time in the others, the most notable of which is Spiritstraveler. That column was all about products I discovered. The problem was that it took a lot of time and earned very little money.

I will still be doing some product reports, but it will only be on things I’m really interested in and you’ll see them floated here, on my Pinterest, and in my social media (@Spiritstraveler on everything). I will not be updating the Spiritstraveler blog.

I want to be able to spend more time on this blog in addition to paid stories on publications. (You can see those on the side of this page, under “Other Stories by Marcia,” or at my Linktree.) I’m also building up my YouTube channel.

The other thing I’ve been working on to try to monetize this blog are partnerships. These are only products I believe in and have a tie-in to travel. If they are things you could use, I’d appreciate your support:

World Is Wide Keepsakes

Kristie creates beautiful handmade travel products at very reasonable prices. Here’s the website. If you use my code at checkout (BAMF10), we both get 10%.

Amazon Influencers Page (I’ll be updating this page regularly)
These are all things I love, from travel gear to beauty products to pet products.

This tour company has inexpensive tours everywhere. Click on the link and search before your next trip.

Accessible Go
For accessible travel (something I know a lot about these days), Accessible Go can hook you up with everything from hotels to wheelchair vans. Click on this link.

Buy Me A Coffee
Or, if you want to see more blogs here and you don’t want to order products, you can always click and Buy Me A Coffee.

I have lots of fun stories coming up from the Midwest to Seattle and my bucket list 50th state: Alaska! I’ll be heading on the Royal Princess in less than two weeks.

It will be a bit before I have the blogs up while I get publication stories done, and prepare for two surgeries, but you can follow my journey in real time @Spiritstraveler on Twitter, Threads, Instagram & YouTube.



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