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From the Mediterranean to the Vineyard in Israel

I was in Israel for the first time since I was a teenager on a press trip with Israel Tourism . Since we just ended up with a private guide with us since no one from the visitor’s bureau or public relations had joined us, and there were some mix ups in the schedule, we decided to fill in a bit of what each of us wanted to do for our stories. I woke up fairly early at the Dan Hotel Tel Aviv . I knew it would be a long day and I was ready to get started. Despite the fact that I had a full dinner the night before, I couldn’t wait for another Israeli breakfast.  I anticipated it would be as good as the Dan Panorama in Jerusalem , and I wasn’t disappointed. My sweet tooth was more than satisfied. It took a lot of self-control not to totally fill my plate with luscious desserts! I managed to collect my favorites into a fairly well-rounded plate of fruit, cheese, tomato, halvah, a cheese blintz, a small raspberry tart, and a sliver of my favorite breakfast