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Exploring Los Cabos

It was our first full day in Los Cabos and my friend Lynn and I woke up early enough to see a beautiful sunrise from our balcony at the Hilton Los Cabos. We then went down for breakfast at El Meson, for yet another seaside view before our 9:00 am pickup for A Taste of Los Cabos Tour . When the Los Cabos Tourism Board asked if I was interested in activities, I immediately gravitated to that tour. I wanted to see as much of the area as possible and this seemed to offer the best selection. It was a good choice. Mauro, a biologist who used to work exclusively with dolphins, was our guide for the day. He also told us about the humpback whales that would soon be coming from the sea along Baja, California, Mexico , the second largest peninsula in the world at 1,000 miles. Our first stop was at the brand new shopping mall and port, Puerto Paraiso. It was here that we were to pick up our glass bottom boat tour.  We were warned that the water was a bit choppy and that