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In the Home of Purdue

It had been a few years since I had been to Lafayette,Indiana . I visited a few times when I was covering tennis. I was looking to make a quick trip not too far away, and Lafayette kept coming up.  Once I contacted the tourism board at Home of Purdue , I could easily see why. This little college town had a lot to offer. My friend Jaimee was visiting and we headed out for the two-hour drive with a full itinerary.  Our first stop was at Wolf Park . Anything to do with animals is always fun for me and I was surprised to hear this place had been here for 46 years. Wolf Park was opened by a former Purdue professor.  He not only wanted a refuge for these animals, but he wanted to promote the conservation of wolves and help people understand more about them. Thanks to generous donations, the park now has its own medical center and they don’t need to go back to Purdue every time an animal needs treatment. While the wolves are the primary focus, t