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Eating Chocolate and Discovering Enoteca on Seattle Celebrity Stop

It had only been a month since I was last in Seattle yet I didn’t mind coming back. Aside from the weather – which was definitely not cooperating on this day – it’s a great city to explore wine, food and spirits in.  We were going to start with a mixture of all on the Chocolate Indulgence Tour , one of the offerings from Savor Seattle. We met with Brett Affleck-Aring (yes, he is related to the Oscar-winning actor) at the Mayflower to start our tour at that hotel’s Oliver Bar. Brett shared our motto that chocolate is the fifth food group and he was prepared to show us all aspects of the treat, starting with the Seattle Flatliner ,a coffee and chocolate cocktail served by bartender Patrick. This yummy mixture of Café Umbria, Dark Crème de Cacao, Bailey’s Irish Cream and Demerara 151 Rum is shaken with ice (there’s no blender here). It’s the perfect drink to make you forget about the wet day, something Seattle gets about 200 days a year. While we were sitting at the bar, I also s

Washington Wine From Woodmark to Willows in Woodinville

The title may sound like a tongue twister, but that’s how my second full day in Washington progressed as I continued to enjoy tasting my way around the state. The day started with breakfast at the Woodmark Hotel’s Beach Café. Joining me was Jodi Forslund, Regional Director of Sales & Marketing for MTM Lodging . As we gazed out at the lake (and enjoyed pancakes) she told me about the group of properties that included this one and the hotel I was heading to, Willows Lodge . The company believes in pampering, but not overdoing on the luxury to the point of stiff. I can quote her as describing the rooms as “WWF – wild, whimsical and fun!” After the tour, I headed down to the spa for my Mimosa Manicure & Pedicure. Though we had to do a bit of an alteration to the theme (since I have a citrus allergy), I thoroughly enjoy the hand and foot pampering with a glass of sparkling wine in hand. It was the kind of indulgence I never do at home and, actually, I don’t think I ever sit st

Learning to Wine, Dine and Spa in Washington

When I received my itinerary for my trip to Washington , I was surprised to see all the fine dining, wine bars and spas on the schedule.  I knew Washington was now a well-known wine destination, but I didn’t know that it was such also a great place for foodies and spa goers. I began to really experience this on my second full day in town. After a battle with the coffee press (they are serious about coffee in this state), I started my morning with a Veggie Omelet and some incredible Corned Beef Hash on the recommendation of Tawny Papera, the hotels Director of Sales & Marketing. She then took me on a tour of Hotel 1000 , located in downtown Seattle . It’s a modern accommodation with some very unusual (and desirable) amenities meant to make you feel the luxury while keeping you comfortable. When you enter Hotel 1000 , you are offered complimentary hot apple cider or sparkling wine. The Studio Lounge is warm and inviting with a center fireplace and Microsoft Surface tables (which