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More Activities on Fair Oaks Farm

We had a good night’s sleep at the Fairfield Inn on Fair Oaks Farm s in Indiana. The room was quite spacious for three adults, an 8-year-old, and an 11 lb. yorkie who was a bit excited to have three different beds to chose from. Breakfast is included at the hotel, and it was a nice buffet. We filled up on eggs, bacon, and waffles, and explored a little before heading outside. It was another cold day, so we dressed warmly. We went to check out the Igloos, a highlight of the Forest of Lights celebration. They are considered part of the Farmhouse Restaurant and are just outside those doors. They were heated and quite cozy. We were just supposed to go in for hot chocolate, but we were so comfortable we decided to stay a little longer for Mimosas, cheesecake, fries, and smoked brisket chili. When it was time for us to go to the Pig Adventure (you get times for tours when you purchase your tickets) we went to the bus. There are many different packages available, or you can buy individu

Fun on Fair Oaks Farm

  I had never heard of Fair Oaks Farms when I fellow travel writer suggested it to me. When I found out it was a complete destination just an hour and a half away from Champaign, I quickly made arrangements to take some friends, a willing to play eight year old, and my dog, Teddy  The name may be familiar to you if you drink Fairlife milk or protein shakes. This is much more than a farm, though, it’s a full destination, and we took advantage of anything it has to offer. The first thing we did when arriving was check into the hotel. There is a Fairfield Inn on the property so once we parked, we didn’t have to get into the car again until it was time to go home. The building was even set up to look like a barn, but on the inside it was all about a modern hotel. Our suite was large, with two beds and a pullout couch. Aubree took the couch. Teddy tried his best to join her. We had a microwave and refrigerator in the room, and an indoor pool downstairs. After we got our thin

Welcome To Travel in 2022

​ Happy New Year! The last few years have been different for everyone around the world. This is especially true for those in the travel industry. I’ve stayed pretty close to home.     I do not travel as much as I used to anyway.  I’m now looking for more accessible locations and needed to be cautious since I have autoimmune issues.    I’ve been using the time at home to train Teddy, so there will be a lot of pet friendly trips in the future! I’ll be catching up on previous travel soon. With everything I’ve learned since getting my first dog since I was a child, I decided to write a book.  12 Things You Must Know About Raising A Puppy  will be out this spring. It’s filled with tips, stories, and hope. I’ll be posting when it’s out.   As for 2022 travel, I have some fun stuff coming up, including a very unusual cruise.    If you’d like to know more about my health issues, read through my  Medium   page (there are some interesting travel stories there too).   Best, Marcia