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Great Experience All-Around Ace Hotel Chicago

I’ve been trying to spend more time enjoying my travels and less time running through them in exhaustion. A recent trip to check out the new Ace Hotel Chicago was a perfect example. The Ace Hotel is located in the West Loop, an up and coming neighborhood where Chicago’s Google headquarters also happens to be located. With a sleek design, Ace blends in and you probably wouldn’t even know it was there if you weren’t looking for a place to stay and a great meal. I was there for both. The rooms at Ace are ultra-modern in d├ęcor and amenities. What’s old is new again, from retro (a radio) to boxes (of water).  Everything has clean, square lines, but you’ll known you are in 2017 when you see an abundance of outlets and a package of (free) condoms on the minibar. I brought along friends Brittany and Jamie to share the room, but they were heading out and I had the evening all to myself. I was scheduled for dinner at the Ace Hotel’s City Mouse restaurant. I ha