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Join Me on an Amazing Reset Retreat

I consider myself very lucky that my job allows me to cross a lot of things off my bucket list as “all in a day’s work.” I’ve never been given the opportunity, though, to take two dreams off at once – until now. When I was approached by Cierra Savatgy-King, who along with Natalie Jenkins and Crystal Veness founded Reset Retreat , I didn’t have to listen much further than “Belize” and “Yoga” before I said, “I’m in.” I’d always wanted to go to Belize and I relished an chance to do yoga on a retreat, so this trip seemed ideal to me from the start, but the more I read and the more I talked to the ladies involved, the more I realized this was so much more than yoga on a beautiful beach. Reset Retreat is about re-charging, re-motivating, re-freshing, and re-inviguorating your life. It’s about bonding like only women can bond, it’s about finding out what you really want to put on your bucket list, and how you are going to adapt your life so that you can do it. The v

Introduction to Grand Cayman

I was up early for another fun-filled day with MSC Cruises . It was my first time to Grand Cayman, an island I had heard nothing but good things about. I let Mom sleep in and I had breakfast in the Yacht Club’s Top Sail Lounge. It was an excellent cold buffet filed with fruits, Danish, cake, bread, muffins, cheese, cereal, and yogurt. I had a little of everything along with a cappuccino, also complimentary to MSC Cruise’s Yacht Club guests. I had made arrangements with Viator to take a tour so I had a quick breakfast and took one of the first tenders from the MSC Divina to the island. It was warm and sunny as I walked around looking for my guide.                                                                          Rex found me at the pier and took me to the bus to cool off and wait for the others on the tour. Once we were all onboard, he told us about this wealthy island with beautiful beaches and lots to do. As we drove, Rex pointed out some of the inte

Falling for Falmouth on MSC Cruises

After a relaxing day at sea on our MSC Cruise, it was time for our first stop in the Caribbean. It had been about a dozen years since I was in Jamaica. I had previously visited Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, but I had never been to Falmouth. I was excited to discover this city with Falmouth Food Tour Guides . We were already docked in Jamaica by the time I was up for breakfast outside at 8:00. I was happy the wind wasn’t as bad as the previous day so I could enjoy my yogurt, pancakes, and cappuccino outside at One Pool, which was reserved for the MSC Cruises Yacht Club guests. Mom had decided to stay on the boat and I bid her farewell and headed off the boat. The Port of Falmouth was beautiful and new, with lots of souvenir and jewelry shops. I browsed for a bit and then met up with the Falmouth Food Tour Guides at the information booth. We had about a dozen people in our group with two guides, so it was easy to stay together and be able to have all our question

Life Onboard MSC Divina and the Yacht Club

I woke up at 6:30 in time to see the sunrise coming through the Atlantic Ocean. It was a good night’s sleep. The gentle rocking of the MSCDivina definitely agreed with me and I was ready for the day at sea. After a short workout, I ate some of the fruit left in our suite and waiting for Mom to get up for a full breakfast while I explored the Yacht Club section we were staying in, accurately called a “ship within a ship.” There was a lounge area in front of the spa entrance which served very interesting teas, all of which had a specific purpose for your body. The yoga studio had wall to ceiling views of the ocean. I could definitely get into the relaxing mode there. The Aqua Park is an area with a retractable roof so the pool and whirlpools are available in all weather. This area is also especially popular with families as it’s fairly condensed. The main pool deck was also surrounded by whirlpools and had both shaded and sun-filled areas on two decks. There w