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Quick Trip to Columbus, Ohio

I go to New York every few months to visit family and friends. I almost always fly, but my friend Lynn suggest she drive back with me and spend some time in Illinois. I had recently received an invite to check out the new Hotel LeVeque in Columbus, Ohio, and decided it was a perfect place to stop. Hotel LeVeque , part of the Marriott Autograph Collection, was opened in the Leveque Lincoln Tower in downtown Columbus. The history of the 100-year-old building has been preserved, and even improved since the opening added additional artwork to the marbled historic building. We arrived late in the evening. The hotel does not have a full restaurant open yet, but we decided to check out The Keep Liquor Bar. It’s a very welcoming area, with leather couches and soft lighting. It has delicate touches with go perfectly with the hotel’s d├ęcor. They don’t have a full menu, but the bar menu was inviting.  We decided to share the Watermelon Goat Cheese Arugula Sal

Welcome to Cleveland with Westin Downtown

After a major renovation, The Westin Downtown Cleveland offered to flew me to the Ohio city to write about the hotel. It had been years since I had even been there, and I was anxious to see what the city was doing in preparation for the 2016 Republican National Convention , so it didn’t take me long to accept the opportunity. It was my first time flying into Cleveland and I quickly learned that this town has its priorities straight. It’s all about the food and the music, with top chefs producing the former and music’s most famous museum hosting the latter. A sign greeted me the minute I walked out the door of the airport announcing the 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Exhibit. (The 2016 Exhibit will be up soon and I look forward to seeing it.) As much as I would have loved to go straight there, I was waiting for my ride from Christopher Moore of the Cleveland Tourism Board . I made a quick stop at The Westin Cleveland Downtown to check into my r

Tasting Life on Lake Erie Shores

I had a preview on day one of Sandusky, Ohio, with my friend Lisa, but it was nothing compared to day two. Chad and Ryan Whaley of Green Door Media had prepared quite a full day for us on Lake Erie Shores and Islands . We woke up to a beautiful day and enjoyed coffee overlooking the boat dock on Sandusky Bay. Chad and Ryan picked us up and took us Common Grounds in Port Clinton, where we picked up some more coffee and snacks from this wonderful place that employs people with developmental disabilities and teaches them skills they can use in future employment. Our next stop was at The Kitchen Bounty , where we met owner Terri Bergman and got a preview into her world of gourmet food and dining experiences (we were going to actually experience one for dinner). Lisa and I couldn’t believe all the products she had created and knew we were in for quite a treat, but first we were off to the islands. I have to admit, my expectations of “islands” in Ohio were not very high. I

Intro to Lake Erie Shores, Ohio

When I received an email inviting me to Lake Erie Shores, Ohio , I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive. I write mostly about luxury travel, or areas with a lot of great food and wine. I wasn’t sure there would be enough in this area for me to cover. I began to rethink the destination after visiting Buffalo and Niagara Falls . I couldn’t help but to wonder about what was on the other side of Lake Erie. I contacted Chad Whaley, who handles PR for Lake Erie Shores & Islands. My schedule was pretty full, but we came up with a three day introduction to the area that he was sure would be enough to make me come back for more. My friend Lisa and I drove to Sandusky, Ohio, the center of Lake Erie Shores. It took about seven hours and the ride became more scenic as we continued. I loved the weeping willows welcoming us just as we entered the city. We were given a house on the bay side (Lake Erie is on one side and Sandusky Bay on the other) that was just perfect for