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A New Edgewater Resort and Delicious Dines in Madison

My friend Roberta and I woke up in our beautiful room at The Edgewater Resort & Spa in Madison, Wisconsin . I had been there on a “combo” trip – covering a college tennis tournament and checking out the city. It was our final day. The first thing on the agenda was tour of the hotel with Jessica Arendas, Marketing and Public Relations Manager of The Edgewater . I had actually been to this hotel before. It was 2010 and I was there for the Celebration of American Distilling . Since that time, The Edgewater had gone through a dramatic renovation. I didn’t recognize the place – except it’s lakefront location – and I was looking forward to checking out more of it. We met Jessica in the lobby and I remarked immediately how much I loved the spiral staircase and lighting fixtures. It only got better from there. The resort had taken on an understated elegance, enough so that you felt like you were staying someplace special, but not too much that you didn’t