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How the Dosh App Saved My Night

...and Made Me Money I’ve been using Dosh for months now and, truthfully, I’ve just gotten a little money here and there. I’d certainly never turn down cash, but I just didn’t have a lot I could use it for. I know that over $15 million has been given out to Dosh  users. I heard from people who have made thousands in money back and referrals. I’m not in that group, but I’m also not one to give up easily. I’m glad I didn’t because this month Dosh gave me significant cash back – and some place to sleep. In one night I found out what three million Dosh users already knew, the app is easy to use, offers great deals, and gives you cash for doing very little. I was up in Green Bay, Wisconsin (story to come soon on that great trip). It had been a perfect weekend with a special friend and the weather cooperated the whole time. I arrived at the airport a few hours early for my flights and was immediately greeted with the news that my flight was delayed. I would have

Music, Food and Celebrities at Inaugural Bourbon and Beyond Festival

When I was first approached to cover the first Bourbon & Beyond Festival , I was attracted to the unique combination of music, food, and bourbon, in a city known for the latter.   Once I received the itinerary, I was sold, and contacted Louisville Tourism about making a trip. The huge list of performers for Bourbon & Beyond had a lot of great names, but there were two in particular that sealed the deal for me: Stevie Nicks and Eddie Vedder, both on my bucket list. Brittany, Jamie, and I had breakfast in the lounge at the Louisville Marriott East . Lounge access for breakfast and snacks before dinner was a great benefit to staying on the executive floor. We drove over to Champions Park so we could arrive and get settled early for the first day of Bourbon & Beyond. It was a good thing we did. The only major complaint I had about this festival did not change during the weekend: the parking. It was just a giant mess. Fortunately, just about ever

Long Awaited Return to Louisville

I couldn’t believe when I looked it up that it had actually been seven years since I was in Louisville, Kentucky . It was one of those places I had looked forward to returning to soon, but never got around to it. When I had the chance to cover the first annual Bourbon & Beyond Festival, I knew it was also a chance to get back to a Kentucky favorite, which happens to be only a few hours away from my home in Champaign. Brittany, Jamie, and I headed out first thing on Friday morning, so we could get to Louisville in time for a full day. The tourism board had helped me arrange some fun and unique things to do. Day one was set downtown and our first stop was someplace none of us had ever been, the  Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory . To say that this place makes baseball bats would be a huge understatement. It is a baseball lover’s must – and I happen to be one. We had a private tour through the museum and factory as we watched t

Great Experience All-Around Ace Hotel Chicago

I’ve been trying to spend more time enjoying my travels and less time running through them in exhaustion. A recent trip to check out the new Ace Hotel Chicago was a perfect example. The Ace Hotel is located in the West Loop, an up and coming neighborhood where Chicago’s Google headquarters also happens to be located. With a sleek design, Ace blends in and you probably wouldn’t even know it was there if you weren’t looking for a place to stay and a great meal. I was there for both. The rooms at Ace are ultra-modern in d├ęcor and amenities. What’s old is new again, from retro (a radio) to boxes (of water).  Everything has clean, square lines, but you’ll known you are in 2017 when you see an abundance of outlets and a package of (free) condoms on the minibar. I brought along friends Brittany and Jamie to share the room, but they were heading out and I had the evening all to myself. I was scheduled for dinner at the Ace Hotel’s City Mouse restaurant. I ha