How the Dosh App Saved My Night

...and Made Me Money

I’ve been using Dosh for months now and, truthfully, I’ve just gotten a little money here and there. I’d certainly never turn down cash, but I just didn’t have a lot I could use it for.

I know that over $15 million has been given out to Dosh users. I heard from people who have made thousands in money back and referrals.

I’m not in that group, but I’m also not one to give up easily. I’m glad I didn’t because this month Dosh gave me significant cash back – and some place to sleep.

In one night I found out what three million Dosh users already knew, the app is easy to use, offers great deals, and gives you cash for doing very little.

I was up in Green Bay, Wisconsin (story to come soon on that great trip). It had been a perfect weekend with a special friend and the weather cooperated the whole time.

I arrived at the airport a few hours early for my flights and was immediately greeted with the news that my flight was delayed. I would have about five hours to sit in Green Bay airport.

My ride was already on his way back to his home two hours away so that wasn’t an option. I was ready to get home, but thought I better make the best of it. I found a nice, comfortable desk with wi-fi and electricity. What more did I need?

I caught up with work and phone calls only to find that the flight wasn’t going to head out for another hour. I would not make the night’s last connecting flight to Champaign.

Since it was a weather problem where I was changing planes (Chicago), American Airlines was not responsible for putting me up overnight. I had a quick moment of panic. Cash was tight, and I had no idea what it was going to cost for a last-minute hotel.

As I waited online to secure my flight for the morning, I remembered the Dosh app. Not only did they have good deals on hotels, but there’s a $25 discount on your first hotel booking!

Before the person in front of me had finished getting their next flight secured, I had a room at the Radisson Conference Center Green Bay. Dosh had shown me a last minute available rate of only $74 for a room I’d get cash back on plus a $25 bonus for booking my first hotel through the application!

As if this wasn’t good enough, the hotel was just across the street from the airport and, within minutes, they sent a free shuttle to pick me up (and there was a shuttle to take me back to the airport for my early morning flight).

 I had a nice, convenient room without aggravation and, after my cash back, it was costing less than $50.

It’s no wonder Dosh has been all over Forbes, Business Insider, USA Today, and websites like The Pennyhoarder. It’s one of the easiest ways out there to make money.

Don’t wait any longer. If you haven’t downloaded the Dosh application yet, do it right now, sign up and (securely) enter your credit cards. Then, start telling your friends about it for some quick cash back. 

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  1. Great! Its looking amazing. It will surely help me as I am a traveler and definitely it will be mine all time favorite. As I am travelling to New York in the next week and I will try it there.

  2. Of course i also try it to save my money.


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