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Touring Tel Aviv

It was tough leaving the family, but it was time to join the group and explore Israel. I drove to Tel Aviv to meet the other writers and our tour guide at the Dan Hotel. The drive wasn’t bad from Jerusalem  even though everyone warned me about traffic. Considering I spent most of my life driving in New York, I’m prepared. Upon arriving in Tel Aviv, I saw the sea for the first time since arriving in Israel . Despite the fact that it is such a small country, Israel has four seas– the Mediterranean, the Dead Sea, the Red Sea and the Sea of Galilee. (The first three are often referred to as “The Med, The Dead, and The Red.) Tel Aviv borders the Mediterranean, but it’s also the most metropolitan city in Israel. It’s also the only city with a major airport. I was happy to find out almost everyone in Israel  speaks English. While most of my travels are usually in Europe and I can get by in the Latin languages, I don’t know any Hebrew. I parked at the Dan Ho