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A Full Final Day in Nova Scotia

It had been an exciting trip to Nova Scotia , a place I hadn’t visited in many years.  My daughter, Sam, and I would be heading back to the States, but first we had a lot to see and do with our group at Fox Harb’r Resort . We packed up our things and said goodbye to our one-bedroom suite. The view would definitely be missed. The group convened in the Cape Cliff dining room for another delicious breakfast. After we ate, Executive Chef and Food & Beverage Director Shane Robilliard met with us to talk more about the cuisine of Fox Harb’r. Chef Robilliard talked about how much he loves the opportunity at Fox Harb'r to work with the ingredients available to him, including the greenhouse, where nearly all his fruits, vegetables, and herbs come from. He’s also proud that the resort uses sustainably harvested seafoods and local meats. Our group then divided up for our last two activities at the resort. The first for us was fly fishing. Sam always l