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Landing in Nova Scotia

It had been three decades since I stepped foot in Nova Scotia, Canada. It was actually on a cruise with my family I took when I finished college. I had remembered it’s beauty (which I relived many times watching Anne of Greene Gables) and had been excited about the trip ever since the invitation first came across my email from Fox Harb’r Resort. It’s not often I get to travel with my daughter, so I was looking forward to this trip even more than most. She was traveling from New York and I was coming from Champaign. Both trips were fairly long and we decided we’d take an extra day and see Halifax before heading to the resort. I contacted Nova Scotia Tourism and they arranged for our 24 hour stay in Halifax. The air travel didn’t go quite as expected (see this post) and we arrived in Halifax much later than we hoped, but we were both very hungry and anxious to have dinner. We had the driver wait while we quickly dropped our beds at the Lord Nelson Hot

Make sure you #SkipAirCanada

I had an amazing trip to Nova Scotia, Canada, recently. I didn’t want it to be marred by horrendous travel with Air Canada. I’ll get to the trip in the next blogs, with all its details, but I wanted to first warn travelers about this airline. If you read my blog, you know by now that I try to focus on the positive and rarely post negative. I just don’t see the point in talking about the bad when there is so much good. Occasionally, I need to change that strategy. This is one of those times. Here is the letter I sent to Air Canada, which details what happens. At the time, I was suffering from an arthritis flare AND had a respiratory infection and fever. I was traveling in a wheelchair. > From: > Sent: 20/08/2017 12:27 PM > Subject: Treatment by Your Airline >   >   > I don't even know where to begin with my (first) experience with your airline. I guess it started weeks before my flight when I wrote that I was a journal

King Tut and Dinner on the River in St. Louis

It was a beautiful summer day and my friend Betty and I were heading to St. Louis . We were going to spend the afternoon at the St. Louis Science Center before taking off on a Gateway Arch River Cruise for dinner. We decided to leave the car in the lot by the boat and take an Uber to the museum and back.  The cruises left right below the Gateway Arch and we had quite a view from that spot. The St. Louis Science Center is located within Forest Park. Like the other museums there, it is free to the public. We didn’t realize that the museum closed at 5:00 pm so we couldn’t see it all, but we had enough time to go through the main thing we came for: The King Tut Exhibit . With our tickets we received our recorders for the guided audio tour.  I really didn’t know what to expect since it had been many years since I had seen anything on King Tut.  This exhibit was so much more than I ever expected. It is set up so that you are walking in the

Quick Trip to Columbus, Ohio

I go to New York every few months to visit family and friends. I almost always fly, but my friend Lynn suggest she drive back with me and spend some time in Illinois. I had recently received an invite to check out the new Hotel LeVeque in Columbus, Ohio, and decided it was a perfect place to stop. Hotel LeVeque , part of the Marriott Autograph Collection, was opened in the Leveque Lincoln Tower in downtown Columbus. The history of the 100-year-old building has been preserved, and even improved since the opening added additional artwork to the marbled historic building. We arrived late in the evening. The hotel does not have a full restaurant open yet, but we decided to check out The Keep Liquor Bar. It’s a very welcoming area, with leather couches and soft lighting. It has delicate touches with go perfectly with the hotel’s d├ęcor. They don’t have a full menu, but the bar menu was inviting.  We decided to share the Watermelon Goat Cheese Arugula Sal