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Landing in Nova Scotia

It had been three decades since I stepped foot in Nova Scotia, Canada. It was actually on a cruise with my family I took when I finished college. I had remembered it’s beauty (which I relived many times watching Anne of Greene Gables) and had been excited about the trip ever since the invitation first came across my email from Fox Harb’r Resort. It’s not often I get to travel with my daughter, so I was looking forward to this trip even more than most. She was traveling from New York and I was coming from Champaign. Both trips were fairly long and we decided we’d take an extra day and see Halifax before heading to the resort. I contacted Nova Scotia Tourism and they arranged for our 24 hour stay in Halifax. The air travel didn’t go quite as expected (see this post) and we arrived in Halifax much later than we hoped, but we were both very hungry and anxious to have dinner. We had the driver wait while we quickly dropped our beds at the Lord Nelson Hot