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A Perfect Lake Geneva Farewell

It was the final day in Lake Geneva with my friends Cortney and Amy. We had been up late the previous night and slept in at Maxwell Mansion . We each had our own rooms and I loved my General Ulysses S. Grant suite. I took one final bath in my antique soaking tub before we headed back to the Baker House for a fun and delicious brunch. The Baker House keeps its 19 th century image with period dress for the employees and hats for all of the visitors to wear. We were greeted politely and, after we chose from the hats, were escorted us to our table overlooking the lake. We were told the brunch came with unlimited champagne. We each had a glass before I switched to tea and received a lovely pot with a glass of honey. Each downstairs room of the Baker House mansion contained different food items for one of the best brunches I’ve ever had. The bar was set up as an omelet and eggs benedict station and the bartender was happy to customize your eggs any