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Learning More About Eaglewood Resort & Spa

My friend, Joan, and I were enjoying a quick girls’ getaway to the Eaglewood Resort and Spa in Itasca , just outside of Chicago, Illinois We had breakfast in the Burnham restaurant, where there are buffets for breakfast and lunch. This buffet had a lot of healthy options. I was especially impressed with all of the fruit for yogurt and oatmeal.  They also had an omelet station where you could fill your eggs with just about anything you wanted, and plenty of warm baked goods. I had a delicious veggie filled omelet, some yogurt covered in homemade granola, a freshly made Danish, and some fruit. Joan also took an assortment from the buffet. After we ate, we took a tour of the rest of the property we hadn’t seen before we left. I loved the design of the lobby but hadn’t realized it was Frank Lloyd Wright inspired. The business center at Eaglewood Resort includes a convenient up-to-the-minute list of flights departing at nearby O’Hare Airport.   The

Girls' Getaway to Eaglewood Resort

My friend Joan and I headed a few hours away to Itasca, Illinois, for a short girls’ getaway at Eaglewood Resort & Spa . You could see the golf course from the balcony in our room. The Deluxe Room is quite large and suitable for a small family. The spa and fitness center are located in a building across the parking lot from the rooms and other common areas.  The pool center at  Eaglewood  is set up to be enjoyed year-round. It’s totally enclosed in the winter and one side opens up in the summer so you can sit around a patio and enjoy the Olympic-sized pool with accompanying whirlpool. During the warmer months, they also serve cocktails and snacks out there. Three separate rooms were in the fitness center, all with all new equipment. One room had state-of-the art machines.  The second was all about weights, and the third was for classes. We saw someone in there stretching. Within the fitness and spa area  Eaglewood Resort  also has its own bowling