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Get Ready for Spring with a Windfall of Cash

Who isn’t looking for extra cash? Bills come in everyday, but how often does money? Here’s one way to fatten your bank account, and it doesn’t involve weight-loss fads, clothing and jewelry pyramid schemes, or convincing your friends their eyelashes aren’t long enough. In the months up until now, I’ve been talking about earning some cash back by using the Dosh application. Once you sign up, enter your credit card, and make a purchase in a store or restaurant, you can get a few dollars back with Dosh . Last month , I even discussed how I had not only earned $30 (with the $25 bonus you get for your first hotel booking), but I was able to get a great last minute deal on a hotel while I waited for the American Airlines agent to get my boarding ticket for the next day printed. Since that time, I’ve been hearing a lot of something else people are doing with Dosh – making big bucks through their referral program. This isn’t $30 or $40 a month, this can be thousands of

Discovering Green Bay, Wisconsin

I am not a big football fan, so it seemed odd to many that I would be so anxious to explore the Packers’ Titletown, but when I had the opportunity to spend the weekend checking out this new section of Green Bay, Wisconsin, and stay at a new Kohler hotel , I was ready, willing, and able. Titletown just opened last summer and will continue to add venues, all directly across the street from Lambeau Field. The idea is to give visitors something beyond the game to enjoy when coming to this area of town. I took an early morning flight to Green Bay and arrived just three hours later, even with my plane change in Chicago. My first stop was my home for the weekend and the anchor of Titletown: AAA Four Diamond Lodge Kohler . I’ve stayed at The American Club at Kohler , Wisconsin, so I knew how luxurious this brand was, but I wasn’t quite sure until I arrived how they fit that in the football phenomenon of the Green Bay Packers. Since my friend, Rich, wasn’t joining

Underground Trams and Ziplines in Louisville

It had been a busy and fun-filled three days in Louisville . The first annual Bourbon and Beyond Festival had been a blast, and we really enjoyed the downtown attractions when we first arrived. We had another great breakfast in the Executive Lounge of the Louisville Marriott East and packed up to go. Before we left Kentucky we had one more unique place to go, Mega Caverns, where you can take a tram ride and go ziplining underground. Mega Cavern claims to be the only place in the world with underground ziplines and I have yet to see any place argue that point. It’s certainly a unique attraction that shouldn’t be missed. Brittany and Jamie went ahead to complete the Mega Quest rope course and do the ziplines underground. I started a bit later for the tram ride, which took me through the caves. It was a unique experience since these caverns are about more than scenery of the caves and undersea fossils. They have been used for practical purposes, such as s t

More Stars Come Out at Bourbon and Beyond

We enjoyed a nice spread in the executive lounge at the Marriott East Louisville before loading up on sunblock and thin clothing. Day two of the Bourbon & Beyond Festival in Louisville , Kentucky, played out quite different than the first. I was able to catch up on the food and bourbon aspects of the event, as well as hear some more incredible music. I met up with Dan Cohen of Jim Beam first thing in the morning. Although bourbon is in the title of the festival, I hadn’t had any to try yet. He brought Brittany, Jamie, and me over to the Beam setup behind the stage for a tasting. They were showing off Jim Beam and Jim Beam Black (I had hoped to try the Vanilla, but it wasn’t available yet). Black is a bit smoother and more taste-filled than the original. It’s aged longer, but in white oak, so it’s flavors of vanilla and caramel are more blended. Beam was also mixing to cocktails backstage for the VIPs and performers, the Jim Beam Black Smash (Jim Beam Bla