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Finding Sanctuary at Camelback

It was still a bit cold and rainy in Phoenix and my cold was lingering, but I was not going to let any of this keep me down. I started the day with a little yoga and some breakfast in the Executive Lounge at the Arizona Biltmore , and lots of positive thoughts. My friend and fellow travel writer Susan Campbell and I had planned this Arizona getaway to include three hotels. On day three, we left Arizona Biltmore and headed out to the Sanctuary at Camelback .  We made a stop first at the Homewood Phoenix Biltmore . It was a hotel we were going to also stay at, but in the end there weren’t enough nights. We toured there for a bit and found it to be even more comforting than many other Homewood properties I have stayed in. We arrived at the Sanctuary at Camelback at about 2:30 in the afternoon and were instantly impressed. The main building was very contemporary, with lots of glass and wonderful mountain views. Our Casita also had great views from the balconies, and a cute

Arizona Biltmore for History, Spa and More

The morning started with breakfast in the executive lounge at the Ocatilla section of the Arizona Biltmore . The selection rivaled many restaurant buffets. I sat down with my croissant, yogurt and fruit alongside Susan Campbell, my friend and fellow travel writer, and Becky Blaine of the Biltmore. Ocatilla was opened in 2009 as a preferred club for guests who wanted a more personalized experience. The section has its own pool and executive lounge, with access available for all staying in the building. Everyone also gets extra amenities, such as complimentary shoe shining, clothes pressing, coffee with your morning paper and a concierge available to you at all times. I was surprised to learn just how much American history was in this Waldorf Astoria property. It had been designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright and owned by William Wrigley, giving this Phoenix hotel some Chicago ties. To further the connection, the Cubs have spring training in the area and baseball fans