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Dosh Means Cash, Don't Lose Out

I’ve been writing a lot about Dosh here and it seems that a lot of people are listening. This month, the Dosh app is celebrating giving $100,000 in cash back. That’s not money from a contest, it’s free money to those who have used the app to do things they would normally do every day – shopping, travel planning, eating, and enjoying local activities.   For a limited time (thru 11:59 pm, Sunday, October 1), you can also get cash without even doing those activities.   One of the best features of Dosh is that you don’t have to work for your cash back, it will record anything you’ve put on stored credit cards. If you are a new user and store your credit card this week, you will get $10 cash for the first one, and $1 each for the second and third.  This is in addition to the $5 you earn instantly for completing the sign-up process . It’s also a good time to remind everyone to not forget Dosh when it comes to back to school shopping. Sign in and look before you go anywhere

A Full Final Day in Nova Scotia

It had been an exciting trip to Nova Scotia , a place I hadn’t visited in many years.  My daughter, Sam, and I would be heading back to the States, but first we had a lot to see and do with our group at Fox Harb’r Resort . We packed up our things and said goodbye to our one-bedroom suite. The view would definitely be missed. The group convened in the Cape Cliff dining room for another delicious breakfast. After we ate, Executive Chef and Food & Beverage Director Shane Robilliard met with us to talk more about the cuisine of Fox Harb’r. Chef Robilliard talked about how much he loves the opportunity at Fox Harb'r to work with the ingredients available to him, including the greenhouse, where nearly all his fruits, vegetables, and herbs come from. He’s also proud that the resort uses sustainably harvested seafoods and local meats. Our group then divided up for our last two activities at the resort. The first for us was fly fishing. Sam always l

Discovering Fox Harbr Resort in Nova Scotia

It was a beautiful morning at Fox Harb’r Resort in Nova Scotia, Canada, and my daughter, Sam and I were excited to check the place out. We woke up fairly early in our Executive Suite to go join the rest of the group for breakfast at the Cape Cliff Dining Room, where we had eaten the night before. For breakfast we were served Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict, which Sam loved. Since I am allergic, I had a filling plate of eggs, potatoes, and fresh fruit. When everyone was done eating, we washed up (even the bathroom here is opulent-look at that sink) and got ready for a tour around the resort. We walked to the downstairs of the clubhouse to head out through there. It was filled with photos, clubs, and trophies from this very prestigious golf course at Fox Harb'r, which is just outside Halifax , Nova Scotia. In fact, the golf course spread out through most of the resort, along the hills and valleys, and most spectacularly, along the water. We went ove

Nova Scotia, From Halifax to Fox Harb’r Resort

It was a misty day in Halifax . It seemed fitting for this Nova Scotia city with a very English background. My daughter, Sam, and I were staying at the regal Lord Nelson Hotel & Suites for one night before heading to Fox Harb’r Resort on the other end of the island. We woke up early and ate at the hotel’s breakfast buffet, which was filled with fresh fruit, pastries, eggs, and more. From there we took an Uber to Harbour for Ambassatours Deluxe Halifax City Tour. The tour would be by bus and start in front of the Maritime Museum. The ride was comfortable, and the guide was terrific, filling us in on tons of historical facts as we went through the sites. It had been 30 years since I had been to Nova Scotia , and Sam had never been, so we welcomed the information. We only had a short orientation, but I’d love to come back and see the sites in depth.  The city is filled with historical buildings and churches, and the Victorian Public Gardens, but two