Discovering Fox Harbr Resort in Nova Scotia

It was a beautiful morning at Fox Harb’r Resort in Nova Scotia, Canada, and my daughter, Sam and I were excited to check the place out.

We woke up fairly early in our Executive Suite to go join the rest of the group for breakfast at the Cape Cliff Dining Room, where we had eaten the night before.

For breakfast we were served Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict, which Sam loved. Since I am allergic, I had a filling plate of eggs, potatoes, and fresh fruit.

When everyone was done eating, we washed up (even the bathroom here is opulent-look at that sink) and got ready for a tour around the resort.

We walked to the downstairs of the clubhouse to head out through there.

It was filled with photos, clubs, and trophies from this very prestigious golf course at Fox Harb'r, which is just outside Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In fact, the golf course spread out through most of the resort, along the hills and valleys, and most spectacularly, along the water.

We went over to the resort’s Dol-άs Spa, named one of the top 25 spas in Canada by Canadian Spa & Wellness last year.

It’s a beautiful full-service facility that includes a fitness area and a breathtaking pool area with sweeping views of some of the best of the property.

We went through the massage and lounge areas too.

I was excited about coming back later in the day for my massage.

Outside the Spa, you could see the tennis and volleyball courts, as well as the North Cumberland Straight, which leads into the Atlantic Ocean.

We then got into golf carts to continue exploring the resort.

Our next stop was at the Fox Harb'r Resort Golf Academy. Here those of all abilities can learn with expert teachers, as well as state-of-the-art equipment.

Lessons are available one-on-one or in small groups.

From there we got to see some of the beauty of the golf course as we made our way around the property, which includes fishing facilities and miles of water views, some over bluffs and rocks.

The Greenhouse at Fox Harb'r is another element of this resort which is very impressive.

Here they grow the vast majority of the fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers used throughout the property.

We also had an inside look at the condos and private houses Fox Harb'r Resort has for rent and sale.
These homes have breathtaking views, furnishings, and property amenities.

With the exchange rate, they are definitely a bargain for Americans to own waterfront properties.

We went back to the Clubhouse for lunch on the patio. Fish and Chips was served, and I had a club sandwich. For dessert we all had a luscious chocolate concoction.

After lunch, we went our separate ways to enjoy some of the resort’s amenities.

Sam went kayaking with one group and then did some hiking on the bluffs.

I headed to the spa for a relaxing massage. After, I went into the whirlpool and took in the views of the beautiful scenery at Fox Harb’r.

I returned to our suite in time to go outside by the airstrip (yes, Fox Harb’r has their own airport) and catch the eclipse.

The view wasn’t nearly as good as my Illinois friends had, but I was able to recite a line from my favorite Carly Simon song…

“You flew your Learjet up to Nova Scotia
To see the total eclipse of the sun.”

Sam came back to the room soon after that and we both napped before bathing and getting ready for dinner with our group.

During the day’s touring, we heard about the Joyce family, owners of Fox Harb’r Resort.

Canadian Ron Joyce invested in Tim Hortons in 1964 (when it was only one Hamilton, Canada, restaurant) and was instrumental in growing it into a successful fast food chain.  In 1996, he sold the business to Wendy’s.

Joyce invested his profits into the charitable Joyce Family Foundation, as well as in owning and operating Fox Harb’r Resort.

Ron Joyce’s son Stephen is the current CEO of Fox Harb’r and he invited us to dinner at his home.

I don’t know that I could have imagined a more ideal setting for an evening than the site of the waterfront mansion Stephen Joyce stays at when he is at Fox Harb’r.

We started the evening with a relaxing boat ride from the neighboring Marina. We went out into the North Cumberland Straight. It was very peaceful and we even saw some frolicking sea lions along the way.

The night continued with a lobster boil on the deck, with one of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen.

The buffet included endless lobster, tuna, salmon, mussels, steak, and potatoes. Since I couldn’t indulge with my allergies, they brought in a chicken dinner from the restaurant for me.

The wine and cocktails flowed for hours, as did the trays of desserts. I was exhausted and one of the first to leave, many hours after I arrived.

It had been a long, but wonderful, day at Fox Harb’r Resort, and there was another one to come before we would leave Nova Scotia.


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