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Free Trial to Learn to Cook with the Pros

It’s a strange time. We’ve all been stuck home more than ever. Most travel has been put on hold. Even eating out has slowed down, in some cases to a dead halt.

What that means is that we are also cooking more. That’s why I was excited when I was approached by Rouxbe to try their online cooking instructions.

Rouxbe is the top online culinary school in the world. It’s been around for 15 years as a training tool to chefs (over 600,000 in 180 countries) and restaurant staff, as well as an outlet for those who want to hone their home skills.

The other thing I like about Rouxbe is the fact that they try to focus on cooking a little healthier. Don’t worry, the recipes aren’t all filled with kale and cauliflower, they just incorporate ingredients that are a little more nutritious. (There are many plant-based dishes if you are vegan or vegetarian.)

You’ll find a focus on safety at this online school too as you browse through the lessons and courses, as well as recipes created by top chefs. Since it’s all on the site, you can do it a little or a lot, any time and any day you want.

If you want to become a serious chef, you can create goals and get graded on courses such as “Knife Skills,” “How to Cook & Make Pasta,” or “Steaming, Stewing & Braising.”

I enrolled in “Grains and Legumes,” which covers everything from learning to make perfect rice to preparing polenta and storing legumes.

Most of the classes are  less than 10 minutes and not complicated, but you are sure to learn something. Then, go into more complexity, such as “Plant Based Cooking” and “Food Safety.”

Lessons at Rouxbe are a little more difficult and very specific, such as “How to Make Roux” and “Knife Sharpening with a Whetstone.”

I’ve been thinking about making one of my favorite Greek dishes, Moussaka, so I looked through the lessons for making Bechamel sauce. I was impressed by how many details it gives me, from one-pot and two pot methods, to storing and reheating.

Last, but not least, Rouxbe has live events. I’ve enrolled in the upcoming “Nutrition with Eggs” seminar, with Emily Cruz, Director of Operations at CuliNex, and “Nutritious & Delicious Fruit Desserts” withFran Costigan, the Queen of Vegan Desserts.

Rouxbe  offers many options from taking a class to enrolling in the unlimited courses and videos, but you don’t have to make any quick decisions. It also makes a great gift for a foodie.

Take advantage of their free 30-day trial to try it all out – with NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED to

Sign up for a free trial now!


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