Friday, May 1, 2015

Discover Costa Maya with the MSC Divina

The port of Costa Maya, Mexico, had been damaged heavily during Hurricane Dean in 2007. It had since been rebuilt to include everything you could want in a cruise port stop – shopping, beaches, restaurants, bars, and even a little history. I had never been to Costa Maya so I wasn’t sure what to expect before I got there on my MSC Cruise.

Mom decided to stay in for the morning while I explored Costa Maya, but we had breakfast together in Le Muse, the restaurant exclusive to Yacht Club members on the MSC Divina.

We had a selection of Danish, croissants, scrambled eggs, and waffles with fruit. It was just the meal I needed to get me ready for the long day of walking ahead.

The pier was filled with shops and restaurants, and even a Senor Frogs with a swim-up pool. There was also a museum that I didn’t get a chance to go to, Museo Maya. The three cruises had really filled up the area.
There were two other ships in the terminal, one from Royal Caribbean and one from Princess. It was a bit of a walk to the port and Costa Maya provided a complimentary tram to take people back and forth.

I decided I wanted to explore the beach areas. I was told the walk was about a mile and a half and figured it was easily doable. As I started the walk, one of the first things I ran into was a pyramid. 

I probably should have stopped to explore it further, but I was determined to make this walk, which went on a lot longer than I thought – through puddles and rocks – and turned out to be double the original estimate in length.

Once I got down to the Costa Maya beach, I saw well built up area with a boardwalk, lots of restaurants, watersports, and beach massages.

I realized that most of the people from the pier had rented jeeps or golf carts to get down here and I would have had a lot more time if I had done that, but I still enjoyed the walk along the aqua sea waters.

I was starving after the long walk and headed back to the MSC Divina for lunch with Mom.

We headed to the buffet for some of the incredible pizza that rivaled any in New York – or Naples. 

Then we both headed to the pier for a little bit of shopping for souvenirs.  

We were cutting it a little tight to get back on the ship before sailing, but we made it.

I took full advantage of the down time to relax at the One Pool (another private area for Yacht Club guests on MSC Cruise). I read for a while and enjoyed a mojito and a short nap before showering and dressing for dinner.

It turned out to be our best dinner thus far on the MSC Divina.

I don’t get to eat Asian food often in less I make it myself. The preparation often includes fish sauces and seafood and non-seafood intermingle more than in most cuisines. When the waiter told me they could do the Dim Sum vegetarian, I was excited.

The dumplings and egg roll turned out incredible and I relished the treat. 

Although Mom didn’t love the pea soup, she had no complaints about the rest of the meal.

For an entrée, I had the perfectly prepared pappardelle with mushrooms and Mom thoroughly enjoyed the duck breast.

Dessert was one of my favorites Crème Brule. This version also had berries in it and it was delicious.

Mom had the baked apple with ice cream. It was served with the apple sliced so it presented beautifully, and tasted just as good as it looked.

It was yet another amazing, but exhausting day on the MSC Caribbean Cruise. Mom and I went to play bingo with the intention of staying for the show, but a good night’s sleep in my cabin sounded like a much better idea. 

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