A Taste of Bali on the MSC Divina

You know you had a great time when you can’t believe a week has gone by. That’s how Mom and I felt on our last full day on MSC Divina.

It was another day at sea, but it wasn’t supposed to be. The ship was to go to Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas, where I was going to finally try windsurfing. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t cooperating. It was too windy for the tender to go out.

As excited as I was about spending the day in the Bahamas, I was fine with also staying aboard. MSC Cruises always makes sure there’s plenty to do on their ships and I would actually have a chance to finish a book!

I had gotten up and ready for the beach and instead headed to the Top Sail Lounge in the Yacht Club section of the Divina for breakfast.

Top Sail had my favorite breakfast because there was always a huge selection of fresh fruit. I took a bowlful, along with some yogurt and a freshly baked blueberry muffin. I also enjoyed a cappuccino, another complimentary perk to having our room within the Yacht Club.

I brought Mom some breakfast. She decided to stay in the room for a while and I agreed to meet her before our spa appointments. She had enjoyed her massage so much the other day that she had booked another.

I had decided to give the Himalayan Dream a try, but first I went up to the One Pool just above our suite. I tried to finally finished Fifty Shades Darker as I sipped a Bellini, but it was soon time for the spa.

Mom and I went our separate ways at the spa as I headed to the Himalayan Dream room with my therapists.

All of the workers at the Aurea Spa on the MSC Divina had trained in Bali. This particular treatment had been discovered and perfected there, to only be used by MSC Cruises.

It began with me laying down on a bed filled with heated Himalayan salt. It felt a little rough at first, but as soon as she started scrubbing salt on me I quickly relaxed.

The Himalayan Salt was on my skin from toes to neck when I went into the shower and washed it off. Next, a mask was put on my body and I was wrapped in plastic.

While the mask was working its magic, the therapist massaged my head and scalp. She then used warm towels to take the mask off.

The treatment ended with an oil massage. I felt rested, relaxed, and soft all over by the time I walked out of there. I decided to keep that mood going and went back to the pool to finish my book.

Before long it was time to return to the suite to shower and pMSC Divina.
ack. Then we dressed for our final dinner in Le Muse aboard the

The service and food was as wonderful the last night as it was the first.

Mom had salmon rolls filled with chive goat cheese and she loved them. I was equally happy with my cream of cauliflower soup, which was topped with toasted pistachios .

For the main course we both had the rack of lamb, which was in a pistachio crust and served with a cherry sauce. Yes, it tasted as amazing as it was.

Dessert was a decadently delicious chocolate chip cheesecake with chocolate sauce for me and Tiramisu for Mom.

After dinner, we went to play Bingo. We didn’t win the $1800 first prize, but we did stay for the Opera show before heading back to our Penthouse Suite in the Yacht Club of the MSC Divina for the last time.

It was an amazing voyage and I’d be happy to return to this taste of Italy on the water with MSC in the future.

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