Beach Time in Los Cabos

I found one advantage to my injury on Day One at El Ganzo, the wheelchair put me in a position to do nothing all day but enjoy the glorious Los Cabos weather on the beach.

The original plan for the day had us starting swimming with the dolphins at the newly opened Dolphin Discovery. I was unable to get into the water so we had to cancel.

The manager at Hotel El Ganzo instead suggested that we spend the day on a canopy bed at their private beach club on the other side of the lake.  I get few (if any) full beach days on these trips and even though I had to stay dry, it still sounded like it might be fun.

Getting around wasn’t so easy so we started the day with a room service breakfast. The pancakes were very good and after some coffee and a bit more time than usual to get dressed I was ready to be wheeled to my adventure.

The staff was very helpful in getting me on to the boat that would take us over to Hotel El Ganzo’s man-made beach. We decided to have lunch when we arrived at Ganzo de Playa as I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to get back and forth to the sand.

I had been told that the cocktail selection was incredible, and I was in Mexico, after all, so I decided to forego the pain killers and enjoyed a few libations from the pages in the massive cocktail list.

I began with one of my favorite indulgences – a mudslide, followed by a refreshing mojito.

We actually closed down the beach, staying until the sun was ready to set. We sampled the gelato and a few more cocktails and then took the boat back to Hotel El Ganzo
I also decided it was a comfort food day and the burger with guacamole and fries fit the bill perfectly. Lynn went for the chicken tacos with a salad.

After we were done eating, the staff actually carried me in the wheelchair down to our beach bed! While it looked like a queen size bed, we were able to each raise and lower our head and I was even given some pillows to put my foot up.

Lynn enjoyed the clear, calm water and I made the best of relaxing and reading as that alone was something I rarely get to do. The sky was clear and the weather was warm. I made good use of the canopy to keep from getting too much sun.

I went back to the room to rest while Lynn decided to check out the rooftop Jacuzzi. I have to admit I was quite jealous I couldn’t join her, but was feeling the injury.

The original plan was to see a rooftop concert our last night at Hotel El Ganzo. I wasn’t feeling up to it and we opted for some tortilla soup and guacamole from room service and an early bedtime.

We would be off in the morning to our last stop, Capella Pedregal, for our final three days in Los Cabos, Mexico. 


  1. Great place..And sorry to hear your injury..But the best part you enjoyed that place.By seeing your post i will go their on my vacation.


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