Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day of Luxurious Fun at Capella Pedregal Cabo San Lucas

The sunrise from my balcony at Capella Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, was so beautiful I didn’t mind that I was up so early and had almost forgotten I was still in a wheelchair from my injury. I vowed to enjoy the day anyway and that didn’t seem hard at a place as beautiful as this.

Breakfast was outside at Don Manuel’s where we had a view of the ocean. My friend Lynn took a little of everything from the buffet and I just had some of their warm doughnuts with jam and a side of yogurt to start my day.

Adriana Silva, the resort’s Public Relation Coordinator, took us on a tour around the property after breakfast. We were far from the only ones who thought Capella Pedregal was incredible. It had been bestowed the rare AAA Five Diamond award.

The tour took us by golf cart in and out of the buildings, including one area that was reserved mostly for families.  It reminded me a bit of some of the resorts I had visited in Arizona with cacti between the casitas. Some of the buildings appeared to even be built right into the mountains.

As soon as we lay down in front of the infinity pool, a waiter came over with a bucket of ice containing bottled water and asked if we wanted anything else to drink. It was a bit early for me and I just got comfortable on the lounge with my foot up.

I would not be able to get my foot wet at all this trip. I knew if I rested it I would be able to cut down on the wheelchair use. I was a bit jealous as Lynn went into the water, but the scenery was so incredible and the free time so rare (thanks again, Los Cabos Tourism for building in so much relaxation in the itinerary) that I couldn’t complain.

Although the water in front of Capella Pedregal was too rough to swim in, it certainly looked beautiful from the pool, with the palm trees swaying in front of it.

Lynn wasn’t feeling well and headed back to the room for a bit while I had lunch poolside. It was a delicious steak sandwich accompanied by the scrumptious truffle fries I had the previous day and, of course, another watermelon margarita to wash it down with.

I stayed by the pool for a while and then went upstairs to change for our tequila tasting, something all guests at Capella Pedregal can arrange.

The mixologist and head bartender Osvaldo took us through the history, making and tasting of not only tequila, but also mezcal and sotol, which I had never had before. It is also made from an agave plant, but has more fruit and floral notes than its more known counterparts.

Fortunately, there was time for a nap between the tequila tasting and dinner at El Farron. This restaurant on the mountain cliff certainly brings romance to a new limit with all the candlelight and spectacular ocean views.

While Lynn and I didn’t exactly appreciate the romance and the regular menu of seafood we were both allergic to, we definitely enjoyed the ambiance and the food we could eat, including the soup, appetizers (which included tender lamb chops), steak and pineapple cake.

The steak was brought to the table on a grill filled with vegetables and potatoes.

Although we had talked about checking out the bar scene after dinner, we were both exhausted after the day in the sun sampling tequila. We each went back to our rooms and rested up for another day at Capella Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas.


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