Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Welcome to Mazatlan

It was a long day Tuesday, with three flights and a total of 12 hours of traveling, but I have to say Delta came through this time, with great service in the air and getting my bags through to the ground. They also provided me with an empty seat next to me on each flight (though I’m sure that’s not something they want to happen.

The most unusual part of my trip was the Mexico City Airport. I’ve been in a lot of airports and I’ve never seen one quite like this. It was the most modern I’ve seen, even through customs and immigration. Their security systems are different from the U.S. and I have to say they seem to work. For one thing, you are actually allowed to bring a bottle of water through security. You can leave your shoes and your sweater on too, but before anyone worries that it’s not safe, I have to add that there are more police, security guards and workers watching than I’ve ever seen before. And, yes, people are searched, but after a few security personnel have deemed it necessary.

Although they have their own security ideas, Mexico City is very interested in following U.S. fast food. It was difficult to find anything local to eat between Starbucks, Sbarro’s Carl’s Jr, Subway, and even 7-Eleven! From there it was a pleasant one hour flight on Aeromexico before I arrived in Mazatlan. I couldn’t see much in the darkness of late night.

I arrived in my suite at the Inn at Mazatlan in time to hit the pillow, but woke up to the above view and knew the day was starting off right. I enjoyed some yogurt and pecan pancakes and am getting ready to begin my exploration of this Mexican city with Maria Elena of the Mazatlan Hotel Association.

Hasta luego!

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