Exploring the Old and the New in Mazatlan

It was a really long day of sightseeing, hotel visits and lots of food, but don’t worry, I didn’t jump off any cliffs!

I was picked up first thing in the morning by Maria Elena of Mazatlan Hotel Association and Victor of Prono Tours, who knows everything and anything about Mazatlan.  We drove through the Golden Zone and Ocean Avenue, as I listened to the history of this beautiful city, the statues along the way and the people who live here.  We watched the fisherman, whose main object is shrimp, and saw an overview of the hotels from the original to the new. We also saw the divers who jump off the cliff (it is too dangerous for the inexperienced) as a way of earning their living, and the markets around them.

We had one picturesque stop after another and I tried to keep myself from wanting to stay and photograph all day.  We still had many more places to go.  I loved Machado Square in the Historic District and was fascinated with the European influence on the old buildings in contrast with the new restaurants and stages for live music, as well as Teatro Angela Peralter .  It is the center of the Carnival that takes place each winter (it’s in March this year).  We continued to walk through the cobblestone streets of this area, looking at the mix and new, until we got to the downtown section of the old district.

The Cathedral of Immaculate Concepcion was a strong contrast to those I had seen in France, with its bright colors, which Victor described as a mix of eclectic and neo-gothic elements.   The town was bustling as there were three cruise ships coming in, reminding me of my first and only other views of Mazatlan – watching episodes of the Love Boat!

We walked through by El Mercado (the Market), where I saw everything from fruits and piñatas to a meat section with pig’s heads.  I managed to get the image out of my head before lunch.  Never would I imagine this gal with a severe seafood allergy would step foot in a place called the Shrimp Bucket, but I had been insured the whole place was on alert to give me a safe meal, and they did.  

This restaurant is a haunt of the local and foreign famous, though it’s reasonable for everyone.  This restaurant has been around since 1963 and was so successful in encouraged the owners to also start the Senor Frog (a stop for me on Thursday) and Carlos and Charlie’s chains.  The waiters made fantastic homemade salsa and guacamole in from of our table and I enjoyed a wonderfully authentic burrito.

After lunch at the Shrimp Bucket, I had a tour of the adjoining Hotel La Siesta with its adorable indoor patio and courtyard pool.  A great little three star find in the Old District.  I was blown away with Casa Lucila Hotel, a boutique luxury property with just eight rooms and the above perfect view from the rooftop Jacuzzi.

Dinner at La Casa Country, a cute place with a very Mexican atmosphere and American country music in the background, was delicious.  I had their special Tortilla Soup, with avocado and cheese sprinkled on top.  It was actually quite light and not too spicy.  I also had a junior portion (not much room left after lunch) of the BBQ Ribs in a great sauce with a little kick.  It was accompanied by a perfect Tanqueray Apple Martini.

The Mexican Fiesta show at El Cid Castilla Beach Hotel (where I will be staying on Sunday) was a lot of fun and then Maria Elena and I stopped off at Rios Coffee Café for a wind down of chocolate and green tea.
Today I am leaving the Inn at Mazatlan and heading over to Riu Emerald Bay Resort for a few days. I’m leaving with the memory of this beautiful sunset from my balcony last night.

Hasta mañana (Until tomorrow ).


  1. Ahhh Beautiful Mazatlan! Nice description and photos!


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