All Aboard the Royal Princess to Alaska

It had been lots of fun exploring Seattle all morning and into the early afternoon with the City Pass. It was time for us to do what Brittany and I came to the Emerald City for—to get on our Princess cruise to Alaska.


Brittany hopped on one of the e-bikes and kept up with my mobility scooter on the way back to the Homewood Downtown. We picked up our luggage and waited for the van to take us to Smith Cove Cruise Terminal at Pier 91. Since there are so many (mostly Alaska) cruises going out of Seattle there are two different piers in the city.

The van wasn’t set up for wheelchairs, but the driver was able to lift my lightweight scooter. into the back and then help me into the van. There were two other women in there who were as excited as we were about the upcoming cruise.

It was the first time I went on a cruise when you were allowed to embark whenever you wanted during a five-hour window. We were about in the middle and it wasn’t at all crowded. We checked in and made it on the ship in about 20 minutes.

It would have been even sooner if I hadn’t accidentally checked the bag I put our Princess Medallion bracelets in at the last minute. The bracelets are used for everything from check-in to opening your room and ordering food. We had to wait until we got our IDs checked and room keys before we were allowed on the Royal Princess. It still wasn’t very long.

I’m not usually a such a specific planner when I’m getting on a ship. This trip was so special to me as my bucket list journey and Brittany’s first cruise. I decided before we got to the pier that we would have lunch on the ship at Alfredo’s. I had heard nothing but good things about it.

The one thing I didn’t calculate was that we would be starving after an early breakfast and a later than expected boarding. We decided to forego dropping off our carry-ons and checking out our room and went straight to the restaurant.

I still wasn’t going to skip was a glass of bubbly to toast our trip. I ordered a prosecco and Brittany got a beer, and we devoured some bread as we ordered our lunch.

We chose the Antipasto and the Caprese for appetizers. Along with the fresh, warm bread, we quickly warded off hunger.

For a main course, I had the eggplant, rolled and stuffed with ricotta, then topped with sauce and more cheese. It was very good. Brittany decided to just go for the pizza. It was listed as something for one person, but it was quite big. It looked fantastic and I needed to taste it. As a New Yorker—with an Italian background—I am picky. I was quite impressed with this one.

We decided not to go for anything on the Alfredo’s dessert menu. Ever since we booked the cruise with Princess and found out we had the Princess Plus Package, we were curious about the Premier Desserts. These concoctions looked delicious. We were entitled to two free ones poor day. That seemed impossible, but we were each ready to try one.


We were not the only ones who were anxious to check out these massive desserts. There was quite a line at the Gelato Shop. We weren’t in a hurry to go anywhere so we ordered and found a table to relax at. We could see the Piazza from there and the music was playing as people were settling into the ship.

It was tough to make a choice on the Premium Dessert Menu, but we figured we had a week to try them all. I went with The Godfather, vanilla gelato topped with chocolate sauce and a fudge brownie. Brittany did The Michelangelo, a chocolate chip muffin with vanilla gelato and a topping of raspberry and chocolate sauces. It was finished with a big twister lollipop. Yes, they were both as good as they sound.

After we finished our sundaes, we went to our cabin. Our luggage hadn’t quite come yet. The room was bigger than I expected. There was plenty of room for my scooter to get around and for us to spread out. I had been prepared with lots of ideas to make use of the space.

Since we had an accessible bathroom with a shower seat, it was bigger than most. Our luggage arrived and I started unpacking in there.  I had brought an inexpensive door shoe organizer and unpacked cosmetics, hair products, sunblocks, makeup, and more so we didn’t have to fill up our tiny sink top.

I continued to unpack, and Brittany did some exploring around the ship. I was resting with my feet up when she returned. We decided to go to dinner a little early. I had made arrangements originally for 7:00 pm in the Concerto Main Dining Room. All the restaurants on the ship went by reservations, which could be made for whatever time you wanted.

Dinner was great starting with the first night. The Asparagus Risotto sounded great, but I was feeling a need for meat. I asked if I could have the risotto as an appetizer and was told it was no problem. Brittany got in the ocean mood with a prawn appetizer and fish main course.

For dessert, it was Vanilla Mascarpone Blueberry Cremieux for Brittany and Hazelnut Souffle for me. Brittany also tried out a hot chocolate cocktail. We were definitely going to enjoy the sweets on this trip.

We were both exhausted from the previous 24 hours and didn’t feel like doing much after dinner. I decided to take the elevator up to the pool deck. I had seen videos online of the light show over the pool each night. It was even more beautiful in person and the music matched perfectly.


I went up to the cabin soon after that. We would have the entire next day to see, do, relax, and eat around the Royal Princess.

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I was hosted on this trip, but opinions are my own. 


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