Farewell, 2017. Much More to come…

It’s been quite a year. Not all of it has been good, but I’m probably in a more positive state of mind than I ever have been.

I apologize for being so behind on this blog, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten anything! Unfortunately, I’m still dealing with health issues.*

I am traveling much less than I previously did, so I am slowly getting caught up. It’s now two stories forward and one behind!

You may have also noticed a lot of blogs here for the Dosh application. It’s noticeable because I’m behind on my trip reports. (Be assured that I will be “filling in” during the new year so it doesn’t look – or read – this way.)

I am very choosy about sponsored posts such as the ones for Dosh. I like to pay the bills as everyone else does, but you won’t find inappropriate ads or advertorials here (i.e. gambling sites). Dosh is an app that I feel is beneficial to my audience of travel, food, and fun lovers.

If you are looking for what’s to come, check out my “Upcoming Stories from the Wine & Spirits Traveler” on the right side of this blog. These are mostly places I have gone that you can look forward to stories on.

While I’m traveling dramatically less, I do have some things coming up soon so be sure to follow me @Spiritstraveler on Twitter and Instagram, as well as like Midwest Travel with Marcia Frost.

You’ll find my trips are different these days. Since I’m doing a lot less, it’s got to be right for me and my health.

I read a lot about adventure travel. I’ve learned over the last three years you don’t need to be adventurous to have fun. It’s more about relaxation and, of course, great food at great places!

There’s less wine and spirits tasting for me these days (it doesn’t mix well with my medications) and more spa time, museums, and scenery. My relaxing is more in the shade than the sun, but it's a chance to try out lots of floppy hats!

Most important of all, I’m taking the ones I care about with me. I've had the chance to build relationships and real stories on individual trips instead of following heavy press trip schedules. 

Finally, I hope that everyone has as wonderful a 2018 as I plan to. It’s not always about where you go, it’s about finding the best places there and enjoying them with the ones you love.

*I’m not going to bore everyone with the details of my health. You can find more information on my story on The Mighty. Since that time, unfortunately, I’ve dealt with more of from autoimmune diseases (consensus between my doctors seems to be Lupus and Sjogren’s), but am on an immunotherapy that is keeping it under control. 


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