Friday, July 21, 2017

Leaving Branson and Lunching at Twisted Ranch

It was the final day of my Branson, Missouri adventure with friends Brittany, Amanda, and Marsha. We had been out late celebrating Brittany’s 21st birthday, but sleeping in wasn’t on the schedule.

We packed up and said farewell to the Radisson Hotel Branson staff. 

It is a convenient hotel and they had done a good job of making it feel like home.

After we left the hotel, we drove down to Main Street, an area we had not previously made it to. 

We all looked at each other at once as we saw all the interesting shops, knowing that we would need to explore.

First, we were having breakfast with Tamra from the Branson/Lakes Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. She had been the one who had worked so hard on providing us with a great itinerary of things to do over the last four days.

Tamra had also picked a great place for breakfast. The Farmhouse Restaurant is a popular spot in the city and their menu is inviting. She told me they were famous for their blackberry cobbler.

You never have to suggest to me more than once to have dessert for breakfast, but I added a scrambled egg on the side to make it a bit more nutritious. (It was truly delicious cobbler, and they also have it in cherry, and peach.)

Tamra joined me in blackberry cobbler, while everyone else ate a bit more traditionally, with biscuits and gravy, omelets, or pancakes.

After breakfast, we walked around town for about an hour, checking out some of the stores. We were especially drawn to Dick’s Old Time 5& 10, where we each picked up some candy and souvenirs.

I had asked Brittany to pick a place for her birthday lunch on the way home and she didn’t hesitate.

Twisted Ranch had been open in St. Louis about a year and the lines were regularly out the door.

I had contacted the manager and asked that we had a table reserved, but we arrived just before closing so there was room anyway.

The idea of Twisted Ranch is 27 types of ranch dressing you can use to dip all types of food. 

We were determined to try them all, but first we had to check out some of their cocktails.

While the food is based around ranch dressing, the drinks are centered around the location the restaurant is in. St. Louis Blues and the red Cardinals and Eagles are the basis of some very tasty libations.

We decided to go for the blue and red daquiris and margaritas, and they really hit the spot. We also were determined to go through all 27 flavors.

Since the flavor samplers came in assortments of 13, we had two, with the 27th one on the side.

Of course, we needed food to dip in the ranch.  We chose fries, mozzarella sticks (cut in squares, the most delicious I’ve ever had), and chicken wings.

We also couldn’t resist some of their Ranched Macaroni and Cheese, which included bacon and, of course, ranched dressing.

Everything at this restaurant was so good. We certainly understood where the daily lines were coming from.

As for the ranch dressings, we had our favorites: Greek, Creamy Balsamic, Buttermilk Basil, and Asian Zing.

Twisted Ranch was the perfect way to end an amazing trip to Missouri, as well as Brittany’s 21st birthday!

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