Exploring Generations and El Dorado in Riviera Maya

I always enjoy Riviera Maya, but this trip was especially good because it was all about checking out resorts. I didn’t have to follow a crazy schedule, I just had to relax, and I was going to take advantage.

My friend Roberta and I started the day with room service breakfast in our suite at Generations.

I ordered when of my Mexican favorites, Chilaquiles. I had some fruit on the side and coffee on the side and I was ready to start my day.

Roberta took full advantage of theroom service menu at Generations Riviera Maya All Inclusive by ordering an omelet filled with salmon, shrimp, vegetables, and sides of bacon and sausage.

The one thing we did have on the schedule was a tour of Generations Resort and the two properties next door, El Dorado Royale and El Dorado Royale Casitas, all of which belong to Karisma Hotels.

Sales Manager Veronica Zapata Castillo took us around the properties in a golf cart. She told us that Generations had 144 suites, in 10 different categories. 

The resort is all suites and every one has a butler.

Since I was dealing with an ankle injury and using a wheelchair for distance I was especially aware how accessible the place was, with ramps and elevators to everywhere. 

They even have portable wood ramps to put any place that isn’t enough.

We talked a lot about destination weddings and, with a trio of resorts together, Karisma Hotels was fully prepared for a variety of wedding styles on the beach, in the Sky wedding venue, and even in their very own Catholic chapel, which also does nondenominational weddings.

There were many different options we saw as we headed from Generations to El Dorado Casitas , where there were plenty of Bali Beds, and lounge chairs, in a laid back adults only environment.

We stopped at Naay Spa, where we toured the Memorable Moments Bridal Floor, the only one of its kind in Riviera Maya.

It was certainly set up to make a wedding day special, with room for the bride and a large group of family and friends, getting everything from hair, to makeup and nails done. And, of course, massages.

Roberta and I made arrangements to come back for our own treatments later in the day before getting back in the cart to El Dorado Royale, the next property in the group, which was also adults only.

El Dorado Royale is where you can find another unique feature only Karisma has – a huge greenhouse complex where vegetables, fruits, and herbs are grown for all three resorts. It’s extremely environmentally friendly and set up for compost.

El Dorado Royale is a much larger resort, with 430 rooms. It also has an upstairs gym and spa that offers sky massage, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. El Dorado Royale also has some unique amenities, such as complimentary bikes and hammocks.

Roberta and I got back to our suite at Generations. She went for a walk and I swam from our patio to the swim up bar for a mudslide. There were some kids there enjoying smoothies and I relaxed for a while before we headed to lunch.

Veronica had suggested we go to Kampai at El Dorado for lunch. I don’t get to have Asian often because of my seafood allergy, but she said they were very allergy friendly.

I took advantage of the fact that the chef promised to keep my food away from the fish and ordered an assortment of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Indian. It was all delicious.

We relaxed on the beach for a while before heading back to Naay Spa. It was a heavenly afternoon as we each indulged in the Nourishing Rituals.

Mine was Coco y Cocoa (coconut and chocolate). It included a mask of cocoa butter applied to my body, face, and hair, followed by a coconut milk bath, and a massage. I felt smooth, silky, and ready for a nap!

Dinner was at D’Italia Restaurant at El Dorado. It was a delicious Italian meal.

We were exhausted from a busy day in Riviera Maya and thoughts of staying up for some music didn’t last long – we were both in our beds and asleep very quickly. 


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