Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Few Bumps on the Road to Beautiful Nevis

I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy trip when my friend and fellow travel writer, Sue Campbell, invited me to join her on the island of Nevis, but it sounded like an ideal way to spend a week during the winter.

Nevis Tourism booked my flights and I was set to leave Champaign in the morning for a flight to Chicago, then onto Miami, for a flight to St. Kitts. I would then take a ferry to the island.

It was a lot of traveling to get there, but we did plan to stay over a night at the St. Kitts Marriott to cut it down on the way back.

With all that travel planned, it just took one little problem for the trip to go off schedule, and that happened at the beginning. I missed my first connection and couldn’t get to Miami in time for the last St.Kitts flight of the day.

I didn’t want to take a chance of all those connections again, so I did continue on to Miami and got a hotel room at the Fairfield Inn for the night. I was onboard my flight to Nevis the next morning with a first class upgrade, thanks American Airlines.

Everything from there went smoothly and I boarded the van waiting for Nisbet Plantation visitors at St. Kitts airport. We headed to the dock.

The beach in front of the dock was quite crowded with students from the nearby veterinary college. They looked like they were having a lot of fun, but I just wanted to get to Nevis.

I didn’t have to wait long for the boat that would take me to Nevis. It is only a six minute ride. We were offered drinks when we boarded and didn’t even get to finish them before we arrived.

Although the ride is scenic, the boat goes a bit too fast to take it all in, but I had plenty of time to smile at the beautiful beach in front of me on this small island.

It was also unfortunate that the moment didn’t last for long as it began raining pretty hard. Our driver, Calvin, pulled up as close as he could in his van to pick us up and take us to Nisbet Plantation.

Calvin, with his famous van that reads “I am what I am” in the back, would be our driver throughout the trip.

It didn’t take long to register as my check-in was done by the General Manager himself, Alistair Forrest. Sue and I were scheduled to have dinner with him and I was excited to hear more about this amazing resort.

Just before I had left for my trip to Nevis, I had received word that the Nisbet Plantation Beach Club had been named “Best Beach Resort in the Caribbean” by Travel & LeisureMagazine.  

I had already been excited about the prospect of exploring this small resort (only 36 rooms) on this large beachfront property (30 acres). The award just made me more anxious to do so.

My room was not yet ready so I met Sue up in the Nisbet Plantation Great House. High Tea was moved to the inside because of the rain.

I actually started my tea time with a Pina colada so I could get into the Caribbean mood. It didn’t take long, though, to realize how hungry I was and the tea sandwiches and scones were next for me.

Alastair met us in the Great House and escorted me to my room. The cabins were nicely spread out, but there were two rooms in mine. I also had a visitor from next door – the farm next door. It seems a Nevis cow was ready to welcome me to my temporary home!

We went past my small patio into the cottage. It was adorable, with wicker furniture in a small living room and a bedroom, bathroom, and closet in the back. There was Wi-Fi, but no television. I did have a welcoming bottle of rum and a refrigerator filled with beer and water.

I used the next two hours to unpack and rest up before I met Sue, Alastair, and another writer, Phaon Spurlock for cocktails at the Great House.

There is only one restaurant for dinner at Nisbet Plantation, but I quickly learned there was no need for another. The menu was varied and the food was excellent.

For my first meal here, I started with Pork Satay as an appetizer.

My main course was Chicken Parmigiana. It was done beautifully and served with sautéed fresh vegetables.

I finished with a banana crepe topped with vanilla ice cream.

It had been a long day so it was easy to drift off to sleep, dreaming of the beautiful beach in front of me.

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