Monday, September 29, 2014

Relaxing and Enjoying Breathless

After a few days of girl time with my daughter at the ultra-luxury, super relaxing Zoetry Punta Cana, we met up with her boyfriend Matt at Breathless Resort for a different getaway at an adult-only resort with a bit more of a partying reputation.

We had suites next door to each other with patios that had views of the beach and the turquoise water from our lounge chairs, but planned to spend plenty of time separately enjoying Punta Cana.

I ordered breakfast from room service (24 hour room service is complimentary at Breathless) so I could get a little work done before I headed out into the beautiful sunshine.

The “Breathless Breakfast” covers it all – juice, tropical fruit, eggs, cold cuts, hash browns, toast, danishes, muffins and croissants. I couldn’t possibly eat it all, but still managed to get quite full.

I met with Macerana, the manager of the Xhale Club, an area at the resort where we were staying that offers extra upgrades and amenities.

Matt and Sam met up with me as she first took us down to the beach to see the Cabanas, where you can get waiters to bring you everything from sushi to cocktails. She also told us how popular the resort was for weddings and we saw a couple of popular wedding spots.

We toured the property and saw some of the many suites available, as well as the main lobby with restaurants, lounges and stores attached. 

Also upstairs in this building is the After Dark nightclub. It’s a popular spot that doesn’t open until about 10:00 pm and we planned to check it out one night.

The resort also has eight pools, one of which was an Exhale Club Pool just outside our doors. Also among them is the Tiered Pool, known more as the party area.

It was always lively with music and cocktails flowing, volleyball in the pool and dancing on the rim

I did not get to experience the spa while at Breathless, but I did tour it and it was quite impressive.

The spa has more products than I have ever seen, including an exclusive line from Bumbalina, and products for couples to enjoy together, such as Sweet Heart strawberry body treats, edible paints, and lotions.

By the time the tour was over it had gotten quite hot and humid. I went over to the Xhale Club pool and relaxed in the quite on a lounge in the pool.

Lunch was at Spoon Restaurant for the buffet. It was quite impressive with a huge selection

I had a salad with some fresh vegetables and couscous.

I went back to the pool to read and then we all watched a beautiful wedding on the beach before I headed to my room for some rest.

After my nap, I checked out a favorite spot of mine available at all AMResorts, the Coco Café. I indulged in a mocha and a freshly baked peanut butter cookie while I checked some email.

I headed back to my room and saw how quiet the pool in front was so I stopped for some laps, knowing there would be more cookies to come.

I dressed for dinner at Silk Road, the Asian restaurant.  We arrived on time, but the reservations were a bit backed up and dinner didn’t quite go the way it was expected.

I reminded myself that this resort was still fairly new and going through growing pains, and pointed out the issues to management.

After dinner, I went down to the main stage and listened to the band for a while before the show. It didn’t take more than one cocktail to remind me how tired I was and I headed back to my room. I was more than content after a totally relaxing day at Breathless.  


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Spiritstraveler said...

No, I have not done any bus tours yet.

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