Cool Paris for a Longines Filled Day

The weather was almost winter-like as we bundled up for a full day of tennis at the Longines Future Tennis Aces tournament in Paris.

I was up early for a quick breakfast at the InterContinental Paris Le Grand. We boarded the luxury bus to the Hotel de Ville, where a beautiful red clay tennis court was set up. There was a screen for those who also wanted to keep up with the action at the French Open.

Though rain in Paris is not unusual, it was nearly snowing so we went into McDonald’s to warm up with some coffee while we checked our email. It was a McDonald’s like no other I had seen, with a full coffee bar (they even had French macaroons and croissants!) and kiosks you could use to pre-order food. I was quickly reminded that I wasn’t back in Champaign.

We headed back to the courts for a while, enjoying the tennis live and on the screen with the marketing group from Longines before walking to Pamela Popo for lunch.

The appetizer was scallops so they instead gave me a good foie gras, though my memory is still focused on the rest of the meal.

Tender duck was served with a chestnut and pumpkin puree that was unusual and wonderful. It was only topped by a chocolate caramel molten dessert.

We watched the rest of the matches and returned to the hotel in the evening. I was cold and tired and decided to skip dinner (which turned out to be mostly seafood anyway). Instead, I indulged in what I was craving on this cold, wet day – French (yes, they called it that) Onion Soup from the Intercontinental Le Grand room service.

The soup was delicious, with just the right amount of cheese and lots of onions. It was served with a freshly made warm baguette.

I was exhausted and drifted quickly off to sleep, knowing that my next and final day in Pariswas going to be a big one as the Longines junior tournament would end and I’d finally get to complete my Grand Slam. 


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