Heineken House at US Open 2013

As much as I love to sip the champagne at the Moet & Chandon bar, I have to give credit to the Heineken people for their innovative spaces at the US Open this year.

It’s actually been 22 years since Heineken began their sponsorship of the tournament. While at first it meant the supply of the Dutch brew chilled at all the stands, it expanded to the original Red Star, a bar located near the President’s Gate.

Last year, this “bar” turned into a two story building, the top of which housed the new Red Star Café, a full service restaurant and bar. This year they have gone one step further, creating an entire village on top of the food court.

I took a walk through Heineken House and I was impressed. Not only is it a great place to relax away from the crowds, you’ll find a selection of food and drinks, as well as games and televisions showing live action of the Open. All of this with incredible views of the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. 

Tyler Kord, chef/owner of No. 7 Sub, paired a menu of light fare to go with Heineken and Heineken Light, including the popular Broccoli Cuban.

If you don’t want to spend all your time relaxing on the swings, sitting back on the couches, eating and/or drinking (and I’m not sure who wouldn’t), you can try your hand at a round of “cornhole” or get your picture taken at the photo book. There’s also a “Pro Shop” where you can purchase Heineken merchandise.

I made it up to the village in time for yesterday’s “Heineken Perfect Pour” competition. There was a pretty good crowd there trying their luck at the perfect pour, judged by local bartenders (the competition will continue at 2:00 pm everyday through September 5th.

If you can’t make it to Heineken House at the US Open this year, you can (presuming you are over 21 years of age) participate in the “Crack the US Open” photo hunt on Instagram for a chance to win tickets to the Men’s Final next week.  Beginning September 3rd, visit @Crack_the_US_Open on Instagram, flip your phone and scroll through a panoramic view of a stadium to begin the hunt. 


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