Revisiting Michael Jordan at the Intercontinental Chicago

My friend Cortney and I had a big night of eating (and drinking) around Chicago so we were more than satisfied for breakfast with just nibbling on the beautiful tray of fruit, nuts and cheese the hotel had left us. After all, we had quite a lunch a head of us.

I managed to work up an appetite with a little Michigan Avenue shopping. The Intercontinental Chicago is right on the Magnificent Mile so it was a stone’s throw from dozens of stores. Fortunately, I didn’t have too long to do any serious damage to my pocketbook, mostly picking up some interesting things at the Home Goods/Marshalls location.

I met Cortney back at the hotel and we went downstairs to the Michael Jordan Steakhouse. I hadn’t been there since the opening night and, quite honestly, there wasn’t a lot of food to be tasted then. I was really looking forward to the opportunity to see if the menu could stand up to the legend himself.

We were joined for lunch by Julie and Lauren from Isabelli Media Relations, the firm that represents the hotel and the steakhouse. We got to sit in Jordan’s favorite booth. (I knew it was the truth because it was the one I saw him sitting in the night of the opening.) It was great to have some recommendations because everything on the menu sounded so good!

Mixologist Peter Vestinos redesigned the restaurant’s cocktail menu and we had to, of course, check out what he accomplished. We chose The Danish Sangria (Block 9 Pinot Noir, Peruvian Pisco, Cherry Herring Saccharum and soda) and the Old Cuba (Bacardi 8 Rum, mint, lime, simple syrup,  Argyle Brut and Angostura bitters). Cortney and I agreed that The Danish Sangria was the outstanding one, though the other was also very good.

While we sipped our cocktails, the waiter came over with the restaurant’s signature starter, garlic bread. This is no ordinary garlic bread. It starts with fresh baked bread on a plate put on the table. Then, the waiter pours a buttermilk blue cheese fondue directly on it.  I’m sure you are salivating as you read this, and you should.

The garlic bread is worth a trip alone and I think someday I have to go back there and have a whole basket for myself as my whole lunch! I couldn’t do that on this day because we already had plenty of food coming. For me, it was a big plate full of house smoked, local brisket, smothered in barbecue sauce and served on a pretzel roll. It was definitely a two napkin meal, but worth every drip.

Cortney raved about the flaky crab cakes and we also enjoyed tastings of our tablemates’ orders, the grilled cheese with tomato soup and the cob salad.

Just when I didn’t think I could consume anymore, the waiter came over with a “selection” of some of the steakhouse’s best desserts. It looked too good not to check out and I’m glad I found room. The Maple-Mascarpone Cheesecake was creamy and flavorful and I found the 23 Layer Cake to be a chocolate lovers dream, but there was no doubt the Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie was the one I found to be incredible.

It took some coffee and digesting before we were ready to head out of Chicago, but I’m sure it won’t be long until I’m back to check out some more great hotels, food, wine and spirits.


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