Stories Beat Stuff 2 US - Another Contest for a Trip to New Zealand

A few months ago I wrote about the Stories Beat Stuff contest to win trips to New Zealand. The first phase of the competition is complete and now it’s time for Tourism New Zealand to get on to the second – and give away more trips. Things have gotten even more exciting as the prize value has increased from $20,000 to $30,000 and there are two more experiences for you to compete for.

The key to the competition is how far you are willing to go for a trip of a lifetime. In this case, you need to make a video or take a picture explaining exactly what you would trade for that trip. Then, you need to get as many votes as possible. Ask your friends to help out too because you can bring three friends along on this trip at no cost to them!

I’m really excited about this contest because I’m still planning a trip of my own to New Zealand. While I don’t have to trade anything for it, I’d love to hear more about what adventures I should add to my trip. Here are the two new ones added to the contest:

Winter Highlife
Visit the North and South Islands during New Zealand’s winter and you will get to check out the spectacular ski scene and go to the Queenstown Winter Festival with VIP tickets. This adventure includes roundtrip flights (international and domestic) for four, accommodations, rental cars and adventures such as skiing and bungee jumping. (See the video to learn more about this adventure.)

Natural Goodness
Enjoy the best of New Zealand’s landscapes as you adventure on the South Island. This adventure includes getting up close with the country’s wildlife while kayaking with dolphins, boating around whales and watching the seals along the coastline. You will have roundtrip flights (international and domestic) for four, your own campervan, an overnight cruise, hiking, paragliding, cave and glacier climbing. (See the video to learn more about this adventure.)

For ideas on what works best in this competition, visit the sites Facebook page and also check out two of the winners from Phase 1:

If you aren’t feeling especially creative, make sure you at least cast your vote. Voters are eligible to win two tickets for flights to New Zealand.

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