Story of a Lifetime Takes You to New Zealand

I'm interrupting my regularly scheduled postings (couldn't resist saying that!) to bring you something very special. I have been working with  Tourism New Zealand  on planning a trip there this winter. SInce they are in the middle of some very unusual promotions, they asked me to pass them along to my readers. New Zealand is a place that I can't wait to get to and I'm more than happy to help some readers have the same opportunity. For the next 12 months, the tourism board in  New Zealand  is running a competition to give away trips. There's a catch, though. I go to places and write about them, but if you want this opportunity you need to do the writing first. It's called  Stories Beat Stuff  and the best stories win, but your stories need to be on a specific topic. They need to convince Tourism New Zealand that you really, really want this trip. How far are you willing to go for an all expensive paid trip to New Zealand? The good part is that you don'