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After years as one of the top tennis writers in the country, Marcia Frost began devoting most of her time to writing about travel, wine, spirits, music, and food.

Travel has always been a lifelong passion and a chance meeting with and former college friend led her into the world of Wine and Spirits Travel. Marcia discovered more locations around the world --and re-discovering places she previously visited.

Marcia Frost has freelanced for many on and offline for such publications, including Accessible Journeys, Insider, TripAdvisor, Terra Travelers Magazine, The Daily Meal, About.com (now TripSavy), Pennyhoarder, Beat, Matador, Wander, Cocktails and Joints, Urban Expressions, Girls Getaway, Yahoo!, Cruise Voyant, Worn Luggage, Get in Media, Travel Hoppers and Niche Media (Michigan Avenue,Ocean Drive, Hamptons, Gotham, Los Angeles Confidential, Capitol File, Philadelphia Style and Aspen Peak Magazines).

You can see Marcia Frost on CI Living, the afternoon lifestyle show on the CBS affiliate in Central Illinois and Western Indiana, where she has done monthly travel segments for a 10 years.

Multiple autoimmune diseases over the last decade has slowed down her travel and made it less frequent. It’s gone to more accessible to adventurous, and her writing now stresses disabled travel, health, spa, and wellness. She travels with Teddy, her service Yorkie.

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