About me

After years as one of the top tennis writers in the country, Marcia Frost is now devoting most of her time to writing about travel, wine, spirits, celebrities and food.

Travel has always been a lifelong passion and a chance meeting with an former college friend led her into the world of Wine and Spirits Travel. Marcia is looking forward to discovering more locations around the world (and re-discovering places she previously visited).

Marcia has freelanced for many on and offline for such publications, including The Daily Meal, About.com (now Trip Savy), Pennyhoarder, Beat, Matador, Cocktails and Joints, Urban Expressions, Girls Getaway, Yahoo!, Cruise Voyant, Worn Luggage, Get in Media, Travel Hoppers and Niche Media (Michigan Avenue,Ocean Drive, Hamptons, Gotham, Los Angeles Confidential, Capitol File, Philadelphia Style and Aspen Peak Magazines).

You can also see Marcia Frost on CI Living, the afternoon lifestyle show on the CBS affiliate in Central Illinois, where she does monthly travel segments.

Visit links below to see more of her work. You can also email Marcia@MarciaFrost.com, or follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at SpiritsTraveler.

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Books by Marcia Frost

Wine And Spirits Travel Guide to Australia: Yarra Valley, Barossa, Adelaide, Kangaroo Island & McLaren Vale (with a little Melbourne)
Wine And Spirits Travel Guide to Champagne, France The first in a series of guides based on this blog, with additional photos and information so you can plan the perfect trip.

American Doubles: The Trials... The Triumphs... The Domination
A book by Marcia Frost chronicling the friends and siblings who have made this event so powerful for the United States, focusing on Bob and Mike Bryan, the twins who have become the winningest and most decorated doubles team of all time.

Monthly Guides to College Tennis Planning
Ms. Frost is passionate about college tennis and has been working (on a volunteer basis) with players for years helping to guide them through the recruiting process.  To make it easier, she has published the Monthly Guides To College Tennis Planning for the High School Junior and Seniors, available in Kindle
and Print.

Marcia Frost receives complimentary travel and samples for many of her stories, but maintains her integrity when writing. All views within this blog are her personal opinion unless stated clearly as otherwise.  If you have a location or product for Marcia to check out, write to her at Marcia@MarciaFrost.com.